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The Number 1 Sarasota Water Damage Repair Company Is Accutech: How To Find And Repair Hidden Shower Leaks

Now that Fix A Leak Week has come and gone in (March 12-18), did you have the chance to thoroughly check your residence for leaks? Leaks can drive water bills sky high and cause considerable water damage, particularly if ignored or unseen. In the event of an out of control leak or other type of flood event in your home or business, who should you call? Well, Accutech of course! We’re the number one water damage repair company in Sarasota. We’re the best. Just ask around.

Neglected or otherwise unseen leaks can lead to rot and wreak all sorts of havoc around your home or business. If you haven’t already done so, check out a few of our posts about the dangers of mold in your home. What leads to mold? Well, among other things, moisture provides the habitat for mold, including black mold, to flourish in your home. As we’ve pointed out before, here in Florida that’s a major health concern because of our year-round humidity and warmth. Mold loves both. We consider it part of our mission at Accutech to keep the public informed about the dangers and costs of leaks, so we periodically post DIY articles on how you can keep your home safe and dry.

Simple Things You Can Do To Curb Water Damage And Repairs Small Bathroom Leaks In Sarasota

Test your shower door – Splash water all around a shower door. If water seeps out from behind the frame, caulk the frame from its inside and run a new bead along the floor-tub joint. Plumbers will often tell you that splash leaks are among the most common, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot lead to a major hassle and some serious costs. Consider what happens when that water gets beneath the flooring in your bathroom. Here are a few trouble signs to look for:

  • Curling vinyl flooring or loose tiles next to the tub.
  • Peeling paint or flaking, chalky-looking wood finish near the shower.
  • Water stains on the ceiling or joists.
  • Mold spots on the wall or floor near the tub or shower.
  • If you use a curtain, look for standing water on the floor after you shower.
  • Darkening grout.

So again, if you have a shower door, splash water around it to locate any seepage. Check any gaskets for gaps, tears or other deformities. Also, check for gaps in any caulking.

Steps To Fix Water Damage And Repair Shower Leaks In Sarasota

Here are a few quick tips for fixing water damage and repair shower leaks in Sarasota.

  • Be sure to overlap sliding doors correctly when you close them. The inner door should be closest to the faucet.
  • If you have a shower curtain rather than a door, make sure you close it completely when you shower, or add a splash guard.
  • Seal a leaking frame by running a small bead of caulk around the inside of the frame. Force the caulk into any gaps between the frame and the shower surround. Quickly wipe away all the excess caulk. When the caulk dries, test for leaks again.
  • Replace any worn gaskets or door sweeps. Bring the old one to a home center or plumbing supply store and look for a matching replacement.
  • If the old caulk along the floor shows gaps, scrape it out and run a new bead.

If you encounter a problem with water damage and repair in Sarasota that you cannot fix, call Accutech 24/7 for any emergency situation. We will be onsite within one hour, guaranteed…and we put our work in writing so you know we do it right the first time!