After The Flood: What To Do Next

Water Damage And Restoration In Sarasota? What Financial Assistance Is Available After A Major Flood?

Planning on what you and your family should do before, during and after a flood should be a part of everyone’s disaster preparedness plans. We often give lip service to emergency planning without ever really following through on the notion, no matter how brilliant an idea it actually is. Perhaps part of that avoidance is the dread that inevitably accompanies thoughts of floods. If you or someone you know and love was ever involved in a serious flood, for instance one where they were displaced, then you immediately recognize the somber nature of floods. They can do millions of millions of dollars worth of damage in a short period of time, forcing people to leave their homes and possessions behind, and unfortunately, they’re sometimes lethal. That’s why it’s always imperative that you organize in case of the worst. That’s why Accutech, Sarasota’s foremost water damage and restoration company, posts articles like this one. Keeping an emergency flood checklist of beneficial information is something we feel we should contribute to, to help it remain at the fore of everyone’s consciousness. Being prepared means being able to remain calm, even under the worst circumstances.

Assuming that flood insurance has been taken care of, did you realize that there’s much more to know about what to do after a flood? There’s a wealth of valuable information available about what to do after a flood, including where to find financial assistance if needed and what resources are out there, where to seek disaster loans and even where and who to seek for counseling if needed. The American Red Cross published a post-flooding guide called Repairing Your Flooded Home. In it, they thoroughly detail and exhaust nearly every flood-related topic imaginable.

For our purposes here, we thought we would take a look specifically at a few of the topics from the section on financial assistance.

What To Do After Water Damage And Restoration In Sarasota

Here are a few resources available to those in need after water damage and restoration in Sarasota:

  • Disaster Housing Assistance – This program may provide a safe place to live until repairs to damaged homes are completed. Rent assistance or mobile homes may be provided to those without insurance. If repairs can be done quickly to make your house livable, the program may provide funds to make those repairs.
  • Disaster Loans – Home and business owners, farmers and others with real or personal property losses may be eligible for low interest loans. These loans are administered by the federal government’s Small Business Administration (SBA) and the Farmers Home Administration (FmHA). SBA and FmHA can provide loans even if there is no Presidential disaster declaration. Eligibility and loan interest rates vary according to the income and financial condition of the applicant. Check your local paper or TV or radio station for the type of loans available for replacing your personal property and for repairing your house.
  • Counseling – A variety of programs give advice on recovering from a disaster. These include help with unemployment, food stamps, income, taxes, insurance claims, legal issues, veterans benefits, and crisis counseling. Crisis counseling can be especially helpful in coping with problems as you recover from the flood before they get out of hand. Be sure to ask the Red Cross about “Disaster Mental Health” information.

Accutech Is Your Resource After Water Damage And Restoration In Sarasota

Stay tuned to our blog for more information on post-flooding resources, and after any kind of flood in Sarasota, call Accutech right away for rapid, professional dry out services in Sarasota.