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Wednesday 13 July 2022

Mold Abatement in Sarasota, FL
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  Mold Abatement in Sarasota, FL

Full-Service Mold Abatement in Sarasota, FL

Sarasota, FL, homes and businesses are always at risk of mold exposure due to a variety of factors. We believe that you should have all the information you need to understand what problems you could face when dealing with mold, and how to correctly resolve them.

Signs of Mold

Mold is never something to leave to chance. Mold can grow on your toilet, sink, tub, ceiling, drywall, behind the wall, or under the flooring. Understanding the signs of mold is extremely important, so contact a licensed specialist like Accutech to remediate the mold immediately. Here are some of the common signs of mold:

  • Smell
    • Even if you can’t see mold, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Often, people tend to smell a musty or damp odor before they see it.
  • Visible Signs
    • Mold can grow almost anywhere, and sometimes it can be easily spotted in your home. If you notice black, brown, orange, purple, or pink spots anywhere in your home, you should contact a licensed mold professional. However, sometimes the signs are not so obvious. If you see discolored drywall or swollen cabinetry in an area like the kitchen or bathroom, you may have an undetected leak. The space behind cabinets or vanities is an excellent place for mold to thrive.

Being able to identify mold cannot only help you save your home or business but also your health. If you are ever uncertain if you have mold, contact Accutech, and we will have one of our licensed professionals help you today!

Call 941-260-2721 for mold abatement in Sarasota, FL any time, day or night.