Can I Use A Regular Vacuum On Water Damage in Sarasota?

Uh oh…you’re in trouble.  You have excessive water in your home that you didn’t expect and it’s done a whole lot of damage!  What do you do?

Well, if you live in the Sarasota area, there are many companies that are out there ready to help you.  Whether it is sewer backup, a severe leak, or some other major water problem, it is a fact that you will need this type of company because you have to know that a regular vacuum will not clean it up for you.

Here are some of the services a water restoration company can offer:

  • Damage assessment.
  • Leaks – They will find out where that pesky leak is, if need be.
  • Moisture – They will dehumidify and dry the damage from the moisture
  • The can remove the water
  • Sanitation is most important in these types of emergencies.  A water restoration company will completely sanitize controlling the mold or mildew and its odor.
  • If needed, they can also offer complete remodeling or reconstruction.

There really can be no other choice than to use a water restoration service in a case such as water damage.  The repercussions resulting from bacterial growth are staggering and it is important that the company you choose can do a mold inspection.  In this way they can visually see the places prone to mold growth.  The moisture can actually be measured on a special diagnostic meter and if the levels are high, mold spores may increase.

There is also a way of detecting water leaks that are in the ceiling or behind walls and even under floor boards.  This process is performed by using an infrared camera.  It’s important that you ask for a written analysis as well as removal solutions.

Water damage can be a serious problem for any Sarasota resident, home or business.  It doesn’t take long for the moisture to build and swell and it doesn’t take long, within hours, for water to be absorbed in dry wall.  It then becomes softened and mold and bacteria begin to cultivate and flourish.  Carpeting can separate from its backing, hardwood floors can warp and you are left with a bacteria-filled premises.

If your Sarasota home has been affected by damage from a flood or leak, water damage restoration teams in the Sarasota area are available to help repair and remove sites of potential mold and moisture. The new advances they use have long replaced the outdated method of simple water removal, opening windows, using wet-vacs and spraying to cover up the smell of dampness.

Florida has its rainy seasons and when it comes, it can rain every day, almost at the exact time of day.  You can practically set your watch by it.  In this tremendously short period of rainfall, improper drainage, seepage and materials that are inclined to be absorbed can lead to severe water damage which can destroy a home.  Once a restoration company is called in, they can extract the standing water, dry materials that have been waterlogged and the contents of the house or business will be analyzed for damage and replaced if needed.

It definitely is an uncomfortable situation when water damage occurs.  However, if acted upon quickly, restoration can begin to return you to a normal state of life quickly.  At least much quicker than getting out your old Hoover and trying to do it yourself.