Does A High Water Heater Mean You Have A Water Leak?

While we enjoy the convenience of getting fresh water at the turn of a tap, we must also realize that the water supply system requires care and regular maintenance. Over the years, components of the system, subjected to the constant pressure of water, can deteriorate and start leaking. Of course, the direct loss caused by leaking water in your house results in immediate loss in the form of higher water bills. Getting a high water bill with sudden and substantial increase or incremental increase over number of months surely indicates that there is a water leakage. Unfortunately, leak detection can not be attended by ourselves in all cases. We can attend the visible leakages near the taps, bath tubs or washing machines, but it is the unseen and hidden leakage that call for expert leak detection services.

It is estimated that an average American family spends around $700 on water bills and sewage charges. If the water supply system is protected with timely leak detection and attended to in time they can save up to $200 annually. Timely water leak detection is also important for one more reason; the safeguarding your house from the damage caused by water leakage. Water related damage is the second top reason causing damages to the buildings next only to those caused by fire.  The unseen seepage of waters can damage the foundation, facilitate the growth of molds and all this leads to progressive damage over a period of time. This shows the importance of precise leak detection not only to save the precious water but also to ensure the safety of your house.

A simple way of leak detection is to close all taps and check for the increase in meter reading after one or two hours.  Also, if you observe that there is some unexplained wetness or discoloration of portions of walls, some warm spots on the floor slab, or running water noise even if all the taps are closed, you can suspect that there are some hidden leakages in your house. sometimes a foul odor caused by growth of molds and wetness near the foundations also suggest the leakage. Any or all of these signs indicate that you need to undertake a thorough leak detection and stop it immediately.

It is very important to choose an experienced company in leak detection. Can you rely on servicemen who try leak detection by hit or miss methods and can cause more damages?  It is essential to consider the experience and the expertise of Accutech Restoration to appoint for such an important task. Professional Leak detection is done with sophisticated electronic systems like infrared leak detection. They also have the access to the latest developments in leak detection techniques. Check whether they guarantee their services and respond to your problems if they persist.

If you reside in the Sarasota area in Florida, you can get excellent services for water leak detection from Accutech Restoration Services. Your timely attention with the help of professional services in leak detection can give you the immediate benefit of saving on your water bills; at the same time you are assured peace of mind with safety of your house from the risk of damage from unseen leakage of water.