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Free Emergency Evacuation Checklist

Be Prepared For The Next Hurricane

Hurricanes can be scary especially if you are called to evacuate your home.  This checklist will help you get prepared in case you need to evacuate your home quickly.

Some of the areas covered in this Guide:

  • What to bring with you
  • What to do before you leave
  • Important documents you will need
Did you know that hurricanes can cause a myriad of issues other than wind damage? It’s true. They’re menaces, as evidenced by Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina (to name the famous ones). Damages you might be familiar with are:
  • Wind damage
  • Water damage
  • The spread of illnesses
  • Storm surge
  • Emotional damage
There are just so many things that can go wrong. The power can go out, the lights could be off for days. That’s why you should be prepared. A hurricane can stop your life for days. Our guide addresses these things and helps you to prepare for the worst. Download it!

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