Fix Sarasota Water Leaks: Fix A Leak Week Is Coming In March

Fix A Leak Week is celebrated in March of each year to remind Americans to check their household fixtures and irrigation systems for leaks. Leaks can range from being a costly nuisance to being a full-fledged health menace. Why? Because leaks can lead to serious water damage, and water damage in Sarasota can cause serious destruction to your home but, perhaps more importantly, can pose health hazards to you and your family, particularly the very young and the elderly. Though it’s still mid-February, we at Accutech thought we’d plug Fix A Leak Week because water conservation is an important issue for economic, energy, health and environmental reasons.

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Water Water Every Where, Nor Any Drop To Drink : Why We Should Avoid Sarasota Water Leaks

Water efficiency is a vital issue that affects not just everyone in Sarasota, but all of America and the world. It’s an issue that’s easy to forget about as we go about our daily business because we take it for granted. Water waste contributes to rising utility bills, unhealthy water leaks and potential water shortages. Additionally, wasting water uses a considerable amount of energy drawn from our grids. For example, letting your faucet run for five minutes uses about as much energy as letting a 60-watt light bulb run for 14 hours. Now think about that in context of neglecting to fix a leak, especially an unseen Sarasota water leak. The expense is high for both the head of household and, well, for all of us.

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According to the EPA:

  • Leaks can account for, on average, 10,000 gallons of water wasted in the home every year, which is enough to fill a backyard swimming pool.
  • The amount of water leaked from U.S. homes could exceed more than 1 trillion gallons per year. That’s equivalent to the annual water use of Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami combined.
  • Ten percent of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more per day.
  • Common types of leaks found in the home include leaking toilet flappers, dripping faucets, and other leaking valves. All are easily correctable.
  • Fixing easily corrected household water leaks can save homeowners more than 10 percent on their water bills.
  • Keep your home leak-free by repairing dripping faucets, toilet valves, and showerheads. In most cases, fixture replacement parts don’t require a major investment and can be installed by do-it-yourselfers.
  • The vast majority of leaks can be eliminated after retrofitting a household with new WaterSense labeled fixtures and other high-efficiency appliances.

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We would like to invite you to celebrate Fix A Leak Week with us. Inspect your home for any potential leaks. It saves money, saves energy and conserves water. Everybody wins!