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For Insurance Agents

For Our Insurance Agents

Helping To Protect and Develop Your Book of Business

With a constantly changing marketplace and increased Internet and Main Street competition, the ability to have a distinct competitive advantage is crucial to maintaining and growing your book of business.

Leveraging this advantage when policyholders need you most—when they have a loss—is what will set you apart from your competition. Providing the value they want from you as their agent is critical, especially when it comes to their property claim, due to the devastating and sometimes life-altering nature of a loss.

Agents we work with in the Sarasota, Port Charlotte and Manatee areas are typically concerned with:

  • Finding new ways to market themselves in an increasingly completive marketplace
  • Policyholder retention as well as growing their book of business
  • Increasing word-of-mouth referrals for new business
  • Not being the “bad guy” when their policyholders discover they are not covered for a loss that has happened
  • Discovering ways to help control loss ratios and increase incentives

When Loss Occurs, Where Do You Send Your Policyholders?

When your policyholder has a property loss, they need you more than ever as they want to get back to normal as quickly as possible. During this critical time, many agents will give their clients the 800 number, a pat on the back and a “good luck with that”, not knowing who might be providing services to them.

Instead, you can refer your policyholder to a contractor who will provide expert restoration plus “above and beyond” customer care, thus ensuring your client will be well taken care of. And when clients are happy and satisfied with your service, they will continue to renew their policies with you while also providing valuable word of mouth referrals because the service you provided!

With Accutech Restoration & Remodeling’s Agency Support Program, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your contractor is doing everything possible to make sure that only the best service is being provided to your customers!

The Edge You Need Now For Future Losses

One of the reasons a policyholder chooses another agent over you is because they perceive no value between you and the other agent other than price. Part of this is due quicker and easier ways to secure insurance in today’s modern world. With the click of a mouse, your current policyholders can easily “break up” with you and switch their business to another agency.

With Accutech Restoration’s Agency Support Program, we help to create a powerful value proposition that differentiates you from Internet as well as flesh and blood agents.

An Easy Way to Provide Superior Customer Care!

When your customer has a property claim, we make involvement on your part easy while still delivering the high levels of customer service that they expect!

Comprehensive Documentation, Clear Communication

Transparency is one of our fundamental principles in our unique restoration approach. We take only the steps necessary to restore the loss—nothing more, nothing less. And, we provide you with comprehensive documentation and clear communication to show what steps were taken to restore the loss to the proper Standard of Care.

Commercial agents we work with are typically looking to:

  • Increase policyholder retention or strengthen their relationship as the incumbent
  • Increase word of mouth referrals for new business
  • Gain a competitive edge to displace incumbent agents
  • Control loss ratios and increase incentives
  • Find new ways to demonstrate added value to their policyholders

We Become Part of Your Team

We’ve designed our program with one thing in mind—to help you protect your current book of business while growing it at the same time. We become part of your team and provide you with a way to differentiate yourself from other agents in the marketplace. Our business is about helping you retain and grow yours by becoming a part of your marketing team!

Have Commercial Clients In Your Book of Business?

Accutech Restoration has been restoring commercial properties of all types and sizes across the Sun Coast since 1984. We have the expertise, experience and capacity needed for this type of property restoration.

As an agent with commercial lines, our Agency Support Program can help you gain the edge that will help you retain your current clientele, while also providing a unique way to grow your business!

We know that businesses hit by a major disaster often do not reopen!

We understand that time is money and that every lost hour is costing your policyholders revenue, productivity, tenants, etc.

As your go-to restorer, Accutech Restoration can help you to protect and build the commercial portion of your book of business through our unique program by helping you offer additional value to your policyholders with almost no effort on your part!

Call us today at 1-941-315-8422 to find out more!

24-Hour Emergency Service: 941-444-9438

Contact us to meet with you and your insurance adjuster for a detailed estimate for all your restoration and reconstruction work.

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