How Can I Shut Off The Water When I Know I have A Leak?

After suffering catastrophic damage to your home from flooding, hoarding tenants, hurricanes or other disasters, the best thing you can do is to cut off the flow of financial damage. If the utilities are still active on your property, you may be losing money on a daily basis from leaky toilets or water pipes. Leak detection is key in cutting off this flow. Whether or not you can see the damage, leak detection can find where you’re losing money and fix the problem.

Beginning with the simplest fixes to cure a sarasota leak is the first step. Listen to your toilet to see if it’s running or losing water. The leak detection skills needed here are minimal. You can generally see or hear a leaking toilet, and it’s usually the easiest leak to fix. Look behind the toilet near the floor to find a pipe with a faucet handle. Turn this handle to the right to shut off the water running to the toilet. After the water is off here, leak detection should be easy to narrow down the problem.

Move on to the faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms. Leak detection here may be more difficult, because the pipes may be leaking underneath where you can’t see them. Open the cabinet or cupboard door underneath the faucet and grasp the shut-off handle beneath. Turn the handle to the right to shut off the water to this faucet. Do this with every faucet in the house, then perform leak detection duties after each one.

If you have shut off every visible means of water entry into the house and your leak detection still has not found the cause of the water continuing to flow, you may have a leak underground or in the walls. Leak detection in this case will be much more difficult. Your best bet will be to shut off the main water supply outside the house. Find your water meter, and follow the pipe in a straight line toward your home. The shut-off valve will be somewhere on this line, either outside or just inside the home. Turn off the water to the entire house at this point.

It’s easiest to practice leak detection by shutting off one piece of equipment at a time in a damaged home, but sometimes the best thing you can do is to close off the entire building. After that, experts can come in and perform a professional leak detection inspection on your entire plumbing system to detect what repairs may be needed.