How Can I Temporarily Fix A Sarasota Water Leak?

There are lots of ways to fix a water leak. Some are temporary, quick fixes and others are more permanent and best done by a plumber. Most people wrap a rag around a leaky pipe and hope for the best. This is almost never the best way to fix a water leak in a pipe . In the first place, the rag will just soak up the dripping water and eventually be so saturated the rag will start to drip and leak. So this isn’t a good temporary fix.

If you really have a water pipe emergency and the leak has to be fixed immediately then you can do some quick, temporary fixes. Turn off the water and use some water proof silicone sealant (make sure that it is health safe if you’re putting it on an incoming water line) on the hole or crack. Let it set 10-20 minutes and turn the water back on. Most of the times the silicone will seal the hole and stop the water leak. But this isn’t a permanent fix. You want to head out to the plumbing store or home improvement DIY store and get a push fitting to stop the water leak.

There are a few common causes to a water leak. A pin hole crack in a copper pipe is caused by pitting inside the pipe itself. The quality of the water can be a big factor here. Hard water is filled with corrosive minerals and chemicals and can pit and crack even copper pipe. When you see a green circle or spotting in your copper piping this is a sign that a water leak is about to happen. Actually you already have a water leak — it’s just on the inside of the pipe.

Another common cause of leaky pipes is when you join a copper and a PVC pipe. Any time you join two pipes made of different materials the odds of a water leak happening increase. Every material expands and contracts to heat and cold differently. When copper and plastic are joined what happens is that one pipe could be contracting when the other isn’t. This causes a water leak because of the gap now in the connection between the two pipes. Water flowing through the pipes literally causes friction at the joint and over time the gap increases and causes a water leak.

A push fitting can be used to join pipes of different materials. Instead of trying to patch it with caulk or epoxy, a simple push fitting allows you to cut the pipe at the hole and then couple them together with a fitting made to handle two different pipe materials. This eliminates the water leak and doesn’t take long to fix once you’ve turned the water off and cut the pipe. The coupling of the push fitting does all the work to fix the dripping pipes.

Quick plumbing fixes like repairing a water leak pipe hole is easy these days. Even desk bound guys that have never seen a pipe wrench of know what plumber’s tape is can fix a water leak fast. Turn off the water, patch the water leak with some silicone sealant, and drive over to the home improvement store. Worst case you need to buy yourself a pipe saw but most any hack saw will work. That and a new push fitting is all you need to impress your spouse or significant other that you’re the next coming of Mike Holmes or Bob Villa.

Plus, your skills aren’t limited now to fixing a water leak. Push fittings can be used to run new water lines, install water filters, and new faucets. It’s a versatile plumbing tool for more than just a water leak.

If your water leak has created water damage or you are having trouble locating the leak, contact us at Accutech Restoration for assistance.