How Do I Know If I Have A Slab Leak?

Your home is an investment that you need to protect. This includes making repairs as well as leak detection of the slab during the time in which you inhabit the dwelling. Some of the most important repairs you can make are to the leaks that occur of the concrete slab on which the house sits. Under this foundation there are many pipes that carry water in and out of the home. When a pipe breaks it can cause a lot of damage to the home costing you more money the longer that it is let go.

Why it Happens

Slab leaks can be caused by many different factors. This can happen as a result of the home aging or be caused by problems that existed from the time the house was constructed.

  1. Pipes cut in the construction phase can cause a leak. Leak detection can be begin by inspecting pipes after the construction of a new home.
  2. The pipes which carry hot water through the home can leak. These pipes will get larger and smaller as the heated water travels through them. Leak detection can begin by checking these pipes.
  3. Water which contains harsh material can cause a pipe to break. Testing water for hardness of the water can lead to leak detection.
  4. Often times normal moving of the home can cause a slab leak. Leak detection can happen by checking the pipes after the foundation has shifted.

Leak Detection Symptoms

There are a variety of ways to tell if the slab of your home has a leak. When you understand leak detection, you can prevent further damage to the home.

  1. Watch your bills. One of the primary means of leak detection is to receive a bill that is higher than normal. The leak will cause your water bill as well as the electric bill in some cases to increase dramatically.
  2. Unexplained water or mold on the floor. Leak detection can occur when you find spots of flooring that are constantly wet or growing a lot of mildew. This can be one of the first signs that there is a problem under the home.
  3. Less water pressure in the home can lead to leak detection. A sign that there is a leak in the pipes under the slab is the fact that the water pressure within the home is lessened. This occurs when water is rushing out of the pipes which supply the home.
  4. Hearing running water can lead to leak detection. Some home owners can spot a slab leak in the fact that they hear the sound of water running when there is no open faucets.
  5. The foundation has moved can be a means of leak detection. When a shift in the foundation occurs, there is always the possibility of a leak. This should be checked immediately.

Leak detection is the responsibility of the home owner. Watch for these changes to find a leak and stop it before it causes more damage.