How Water Damage In Sarasota Can Impact Your Stucco Home

Of all the varied styles of homes we have here in Sarasota, stucco homes are among the most popular. We know you love your stucco home, but they can be particularly susceptible to Sarasota water damage. Water damage is responsible for millions upon millions of dollars of repairs and replacements annually in the United States. Unfortunately, we residents of Florida aren’t immune. In fact, because of the constantly high humidity and the fact that many of us live near, at or even below sea levels doesn’t help protect us from the ravages of water damage in Sarasota.

If your stucco is showing cracks, stains, moss, crumbles, indentations, or soft spots, it’s a good idea to have the stucco inspected for further damage. A qualified inspector can quickly determine whether the damage is cosmetic or if it’s structural.

It’s also a wise idea to have your stucco home inspected for water damage. In Sarasota, water damage is a real threat to the integrity of the structure of all homes. At Accutech, we specialize in leak detection. We’ve seen the destruction Sarasota water damage can cause and we’ve witnessed the unhealthy environmental effects it can create, like mold.

What To Look Out For Regarding Sarasota Water Damage And Your Stucco Home

  • Stains – As unsightly as stucco stains may be, avoid the temptation to paint over them. Stucco stains can indicate serious problems including water damage and mold. Both an experienced Accutech water damage specialist and a home inspector may be required to properly diagnose and fix your problem.
  • Moss – We’ve all seen it. Frequently, stucco becomes discolored at the bottom as rainwater splashes dirt onto the home. It’s also typical that moss grows in these ideally damp and warm, shady places. While moss can be scrubbed away with bleach, it’s important to remedy the moisture problem. It can lead to costly Sarasota water damage repairs.  In places that moss grows on your stucco, pull any vegetation and consider replacing it with ornamental stones. Any steps that you can take to remove moisture and prevent water damage from soaking the area will be beneficial.
  • Crumbles – Crumbling stucco might be caused by age, stress, pests, settling, Sarasota water damage, impacts and even improper installation. As more stucco crumbles away, the problem worsens because the structural integrity has been breached and because more moisture can seep inside, creating substantial water damage.
  • Soft areas and indentations – If you notice indentations or soft spots on your home’s stucco, it might be a cry for help. You could have water damage pooling beneath the plaster. Unfortunately, water damage can require extensive structural repairs with complications that include mold and rot. To ensure that you don’t cost yourself undue expense, call Accutech to extract any water from your home or business.

For All Water Damage In Sarasota Call The Water Extraction Specialists At Accutech!

At Accutech, we’re committed to delivering all of our customers only the finest in water mitigation and restoration services. Here in Florida we’re especially vulnerable to the devastation that water damage can create. For cutting-edge equipment, IICRC techs trained in water mitigation specialization and a no-bones commitment to standing behind our work, call or click to find out more about the unrivaled services at Accutech.