Hurricane Season In Sarasota Causes Water Damage

Sarasota boasts picturesque beaches and year-round warm temperatures. The allure of this paradise like city can be darkened by a homeowners worst nightmare, water damage. Florida has a long history of heavy rainfalls, tropical storms, and hurricanes. All being chief enemies of real estate owners. Sarasota, located on the caribbean side of the state of Florida, has a somewhat protected geographical location. That is to say atlantic coastal cities such as Miami have been harder hit by rain and storms in the past. However, hurricane Charley in 2004 delivered a direct hit on beautiful Sarasota, and caused extensive wind and water damage.

A simple review of weather patterns will explain what season is the most risky for water damage in Sarasota. Hurricane season in Sarasota starts around July and can stick around until October. It is not surprising that this season offers the highest average rainfall, and thus the most risk for water damage. Heavy rains and thunderstorms move into Sarasota in June, when the average monthly rainfall nearly doubles. According to, from June until September Sarasota sees an average monthly rainfall of around eight inches. During this season home and property owners are extremely vulnerable to water damage.

Water damage, if not restored properly in a timely manner, can be quite destructive. Water damage can cause mold, mildew, and rot in various parts of buildings. Walls and carpets are susceptible to mold that can cause severe sickness. Toxic mold, such as Stachybotrys Chartarum, can be a direct result of water damage to homes or businesses. According to Josh Clark of, this same toxin caused the death of numerous children in Cleveland in the mid 1990s. If you notice water damage in your home or place of occupation it is imperative you seek out a professional to asses the damage and complete the necessary repairs.

Hire A Professional Water Damage Company Like Accutech Restoration and Remodeling

Professional water damage restoration firms can be found throughout Sarasota. Check with each business to ensure that they are certified to perform the service you have requested. Water damage can cause cosmetic as well as structural problems to buildings. If you are looking to purchase a new home or business it is important to look for possible water damage. Mold and rot produce unsafe toxins that can cause a structure to be deemed uninhabitable.

Protect Against Water Damage During Hurricane Season

During the summer and hurricane season you should take extra precautions to prevent water damage. Make sure to check all pipes taking drainage away from your residence. You should check all roofs, windows, and doors for leaks. During heavy rains these are known culprits for allowing water to enter the structure. Gutters should be cleaned and maintained for the duration of the rainy season. Your clogged gutters can cause rainwater to back up and enter your home.

You can prevent the hassles of water damage by working with professional restoration businesses in your area. Sarasota is a beautiful place to live, enjoy all the perks without the headaches of the rainy season.