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How Long After A Sarasota Water Leak Does It Take Mold To Grow? A Primer From Your Sarasota Leak Detection And Leak Location Specialists

As Sarasota leak location and leak detection leaders, we see water leaks all the time. If you follow our blog regularly, you will often find us warning about the potential dangers of mold borne from water damage. It’s a legitimate health concern. If you have been the victim of water damage and need further leak detection and location services, mold remediation services or dryout services in Sarasota, please contact us immediately. When it comes to water damage, rapid response time is of the utmost concern. Accutech guarantees a one-hour or less arrival time. Don’t forget that the longer your water leaks, the more money it will cost you!

If you have the water extracted and the moisture properly dried out by a professional water remediation team like Accutech in the first 24 to 48 hours after a leak, you’re probably in the clear. It takes mold a 24 to 48 hours to start to grow under ideal conditions, such as our warm, humid environment here in Sarasota.

Carpets get moldy rather quickly. Older carpets, compounded with dirt as a food source for fungi, begin smelling moldy after a short period of time. However, it may be a week or two before it grows to the extent that it is visible, typically showing up as spots on drywall or carpet pads.

  • It is extremely important that you call Sarasota’s leak location and detection leader, Accutech, as soon as you suspect you have a leak in order to stop the rapid proliferation of mold in your home. Protect your family! Call Accutech!

Prevent Mold – Call Accutech, Your Sarasota Leader For Leak Detection And Leak Location

The most important step for effective mold remediation is how fast and how well the flooded areas are dried. For rapid and reliable water removal services, call Accutech immediately. Often people will think they have completely dried their home’s carpets or floors when in fact they haven’t. Total drying is absolutely essential to preventing mold in your Sarasota home. If even a negligible amount of moisture is lurking inside wall cavities, behind the baseboards, in your carpet or under its padding, it will likely be weeks before it completely dries. By that time, mold begins forming as visible spots on your walls.

Many mold and water remediation companies will focus all of their efforts on drying the room that flooded, neglecting nearby rooms where water flowed hidden inside wall cavities and under carpet or even tile. Not Accutech. Accutech will meticulously and thoroughly remove all water from the premises.

If you see white, green, or black mold spots showing, it means all the water wasn’t removed the first time. Always call a professional service to prevent this from happening. Your family’s health is too important to risk. You may also detect mold odors and  you will likely have mold capable of causing allergy or asthma reactions due to airborne spores. Mold is a serious health issue that can be prevented with routine Sarasota leak detection and leak location services that only Accutech can provide, leaving you confident your home is dry and safe.

For Expert Sarasota Leak Detection, Leak Location And Mold Remediation Services, Call Accutech!

Mold in your Sarasota home can be prevented. Accutech is committed to keeping families in Sarasota dry and mold-free. For all your Sarasota leak detection, location and water and mold remediation services, call us now.