More Post-Flood Tips For Sarasota Water Damage Restoration

We recently posted a brief article about what financial resources and other forms of aid that exist for those who’ve fallen victim to a flood and Sarasota water damage. For this article, we’ll discuss the steps you need to take after a flood to clean up your home and its floors to try and minimize the devastation.

The first thing to know is that it’s dangerous to go back into your home following a floodbecause of possible structural and electrical issues. While many of us are do-it-yourselfers with a knack for water damage control and electrical and structural work, we at Accutech recommend that, if the damage appears to be extensive, you call the appropriate authorities before reentering your home. One of the first steps that will be necessary is to remove the water. Accutech has decades of experience, the most advanced gear and the best-trained CCIRC technicians available in our market. Their knowledge, skill and access to that equipment sets us apart from every other Sarasota water damage removal companies. Plus, we’ll be at your home within an hour and we guarantee our work in writing, as well as work with your insurance company to ensure comprehensive coverage from the first drop of water we remove right through to our post-removal process of monitoring your home to ensure total dry out.

Steps For Home Inspection After Sarasota Water Damage

Safety First! – After the flood, before you go back inside your home, make sure it’s safe first. Every year around 150 people die due to floods. Some floods have more than one crest, so be certain weather conditions permit the following steps.

Inspect The Outside – Before entering your home, inspect the exterior. If there is standing water next to its walls, don’t go in. Always be aware of any fallen power lines or severed or otherwise broken gas lines. Check the structural elements of the house for any damage like cracked foundations, porch problems, gaps between the steps and home and any other problems you can see. If any supports are damaged or missing, don’t go in. Your home isn’t safe or sound.

Turn Off The Electricity – If all is clear, the next step is to make certain all electricity to your home or property is OFF. Make sure it is turned off at your breaker box. If you fail to do so and the electric company restores power to your home while your inside, the results could be fatal. If you have gas, turn it off as well.

Interior Structural Inspection – Once you proceed safely inside, check the ceiling to see if it is sagging. If it is and you do not have considerable construction, restoration and water damage repair experience, call Accutech immediately. Do not attempt to puncture the ceiling to remove the water on your own.

Rescue Your Valuables – Get those items from your home which mean the most to you.

Fresh Air – Open all doors and windows to thoroughly ventilate your home. This might help halt the effects of Sarasota water damage.

Call Accutech To Restore Your Home After Water Damage In Sarasota

Never go into a home or property that has been condemned and enter your home or business only when told it’s safe to do so by civic authorities. Never try to complete work with which you have no experience. Floods are devastating, sometimes deadly events that cause millions of dollars worth of damage a year. However, not all floods completely wash out your home. For the most experienced, skilled and knowledgeable water removal and restoration services to quell the wreckage of Sarasota water damage, call us at Accutech. We’re here to help.