Professional, Expert Service For Water Damage Restoration In Sarasota

At Accutech, we specialize in all things related to water damage and restoration in Sarasota. As you’ve seen here on our blog, we offer tips on everything from how to clean up your carpets and  floors after both sanitary and unsanitary floods, to how to dry out your cell phone and iPad after water damage. We prefer our lives to have water where we want and need it, and to be free of it where we don’t. So whatever the source of your flooding, whether it’s leaky pipes, toilet overflowing or foul weather, we’re the preferred restoration and remodeling company in Sarasota because we adhere strictly to our principles:

Our Guiding Principles Make Us The Preferred Company For Water Damage And Restoration In Sarasota

  • One-hour guarantee – Accutech promises to be at your site managing the damage and mitigating all undesired water within an hour of you calling us. When it comes to water damage and restoration in Sarasota, time is one of the most important factors when salvaging your home and its valuables. We feel that anything less than meeting our one-hour guarantee is unprofessional. We’re serious about staying dry and healthy.
  • Top-of-the-line tools – At Accutech, we use only the most advanced equipment available to keep your home or business out of harm’s way. This means that you can rest easier when we’re on the job, because we use only tools like the Hydro-X Extreme Extractor. Our extreme extractor uses advanced processes that allow us to totally dry out your carpets and floors without having to tear your carpets out. Did you realize that many so-called water remediation companies still advocate having to rip out your flooring? It’s true. At Accutech, you won’t have to worry about that. The Extreme Extractor compresses your rugs and padding, allowing it to remove all the water therein, making for a safe, dry and healthy home.
  • Thorough monitoring – At Accutech, we are vigilant about monitoring your home or business until it’s completely and safely dry. Why? Be sure to read some of our posts on the dangers of moisture and mold, especially here in Florida, and you’ll soon realize (if you don’t already) the value of a dry place to work and live.
  • Three moisture meters – Part of that monitoring process – and part of the drying process in general – is that Accutech uses three different types of moisture meters to ensure that your home is desert dry and free from moisture. The first meter measures moisture levels of carpets and floors, the second meter measures baseboards, cabinets, walls and ceilings to determine if water has penetrated these secondary areas and the final meter measures the humidity in the air. All three meters are important and yet most companies use only the first meter to measure moisture levels in the carpet. Make sure the company you choose uses all three meters to insure your structure is completely dry and mold-free.

Water Damage And Restoration In Sarasota? There’s Really Only One Choice – Accutech!

So when you have any sort of flood in your home, caused by any cause, call Accutech for fast, professional and expert service. Every one of our technicians are IICRC-certified (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration) and know how to handle every situation. We do it professionally. We do it ethically and with your first in our minds. For results that will make you forget a flood ever happened, call Accutech for water damage and restoration in Sarasota.