Sarasota Leak Location And Leak Detection Tips

It’s always wise to periodically but routinely check your home’s pressurized water system for leaks. Water leaks left unrepaired can lead to sky-high water bills, potentially higher energy bills and significantly increased risk of water damage leading to unwanted repair costs. Here is a process you might find helpful.

Leak Location And Leak Detection Tips In Your Sarasota Home

  • Turn all water sources in your house off and check the leak indicator on your water meter. It typically has a star or a triangle indicator and will be turning if any amount of water is flowing through your meter. If you have a digital meter, they are also easy to check. They are activated by light (usually a flash light) and will indicate a “flow rate.” If a leak is present, this flow rate will indicate some numerical value that is higher than zero. If you have a different type of meter, please give Accutech a call. We will explain how to check all meter types and appreciate any opportunities to talk to our neighbors in Sarasota. We’re Sarasota’s first name in leak detection and leak location.
  • If a leak is present appears to be a small leak, shut off the water supply to each toilet and re-check the meter. Often small leaks can be attributed to a slow or slightly running toilet.
  • If a leak is still present (large or small), locate the shut off valve at the house and turn it off. If your house is equipped with a shut off valve, you can usually find it near the foundation under a utility lid where the supply enters the house or in your garage. Turn it off and re-check the meter will help you to determine if the leak is underground, in the supply line or under the house (crawl space or slab foundation). For accurate and professional underground or slab leak detection and location in Sarasota, always call us at Accutech. We utilize only the latest and most-effective leak location and detection equipment available.
  • If you meter is still moving (indicating a leak) with the shut off at the house turned off, the next place to check is the irrigation system. It will have a back flow preventer (usually under a utility lid). Make sure it is turned off. If it is not off, turn it off and re-check the meter. If the meter stops, this simply means that you have a leak somewhere in the pressurized portion of the irrigation system.
  • Now go back to our second step. If the leak was determined to be under the house and if your utility bill is also higher than normal, turn off the intake valve to your hot water tank and re-check your meter. Higher than normal energy bills can be a clue that you have a water leak in your hot water system. If this is true, by turning off the hot water intake valve and re-checking the meter, you might find that the meter is no longer indicating a leak (unless you turn the water supply to the hot water tank back on).

Call Your Sarasota Leak Detection And Leak Location Experts At Accutech For Professional, Meticulous Leak Services

The above information can often help you determine if you have a Sarasota water leak. However, if you feel you overlooked something or just have questions about leak location and leak detection, contact us immediately. We can help save you money!