Sarasota Water Damage Restoration Services In That Creepy Crawlspace

Though basements are extremely rare here in Florida, crawlspaces aren’t. And crawlspaces can hide water or even moisture like condensation that might eventually harm your home’s floors, structural support systems and pool in its H.V.A.C. infrastructure. Though we most often associate flooding which impacts a home’s crawlspace with weather, it can also be attributed to hidden leaks from pipes. Whatever the source, whether it’s a sewer line or freshwater flood, it’s vital that your crawlspace be kept as dry as the rest of your home. Otherwise, severe and dangerous structural failures may occur, as well as biological hazards like mold from moisture hidden in your ductwork that may seriously degrade your home’s air quality. Though many people think that a plumber is the first pro to call after finding water in your crawlspace, this isn’t actually appropriate. First, the water damage must be removed and completely dried out. For professional Sarasota water damage and restoration for your crawlspace, call Accutech.

Standing water in your dark, damp crawlspace? Suspect moisture in your ductwork? Foul smelling unsanitary flood that leaked under your home? Call Accutech for Sarasota’s unrivaled water damage and restoration services!

Crawlspace Water Damage And Restoration? Accutech Is Your Answer

Many people hate crawling in that tight space between their floor and the ground…and for good reason! Rodents, snakes, spiders and rabid animals all find the cozy confines of crawlspaces ideal for their purposes. That’s why many people opt to call out the pros at Accutech to deal with the dirty work of drying out any water damage and restore their crawlspace back to safe, dry conditions. At Accutech, we don’t mind getting down and dirty. We can remove the water quickly. In Sarasota, for water damage and restoration, we’re the most relied upon company. And that includes crawlspace work. Even though you can’t see it, it can do considerable damage. Here are a few highlights about why you should choose us for all of your dry out needs:

One-Hour Guarantee – Accutech promises that we will be at your location in an hour or less. Speed and rapid response are essential for complete dry out in your home.

Advanced Technology – Part of our commitment to both speed and professionalism means that we use only the best tool available. Accutech uses the Hydro-X Extreme Extractor to restore your home back to safe, dry conditions. You’ll never even know anything happened. We also use three different kinds of moisture meters both during and after the dry out process.

Monitoring – Accutech monitors your site for a period of time after to ensure that your home is dry as the Sahara.

Written Guarantee – At Accutech, we put our work in writing. It’s another reason we’re the premier water damage and restoration company in Sarasota.

CCIRC-Certified Technicians – Our entire staff is trained specifically for any work we do in your home. They are also properly bonded, insured and vetted for your protection.

Stay Out Of That Scary Crawlspace! Call Accutech For ALL Sarasota Water Damage And Restoration Services

Crawling under your home can be a dangerous proposition. If you’ve recently experienced any flooding, discovered a leak or suspect you have other water damage issues in your crawlspace, call the pros at Accutech. We’re Sarasota’s best because we will bend over backwards for our customers and friends to make sure they are safe. If you have water damage and restoration needs, contact the best first. Contact Accutech.