Sarasota Water Heater Leak Detection And Leak Location

Water heater leaks are usually rather obvious. Most often you will find substantial amounts of water on the floor around your heater. Normally, the first sign of a heater problem is water dripping from the bottom of the jacket. This indicates that the tank has corroded. The cure may be installation of a new heater, or you may be able to repair the leak. Accutech is Sarasota’s leak location and leak detection authority. If you have any questions about water heater leaks in your Sarasota home, please contact us immediately. Left unrepaired, water heater leaks can cause considerable damage. Water damage not only potentially costs thousands of dollars in repairs, but can also lead to severe mold problems, posing a health risk.

Water Heater Leak Detection And Leak Location In Sarasota

  • Before turning off your water to water heater, attempt to locate the source of the leak (it may not be the water heater leaking).
  • To find the source of the leak, first check the top of the water heater. If the top of the water heater is damp, check the lines leading from the wall to the top of the water heater. There will be two. The line on the left is the hot water line. The line on the right is the cold water line.
  • If water is leaking from hot or cold water lines your water heater should be okay. If the water heater is dry on the top, check the hose bib (place where hose can be hooked up) at the bottom side of water heater. If the hose bib is dry the water heater needs replaced. Before turning water off to a gas water heater. TURN OFF THE GAS.
  • To turn off the gas, find the flexible gas supply. Follow it back to the gas shut off. Turn the lever on the gas shut off 1/4 turn. The gas is now off.
  • For electric water heaters, you must turn off the circuit breaker to water heater.
  • To turn off the water to the water heater, locate the cold water line at the top right of the water heater. Follow the cold water line from the water heater toward the wall. There should be a gate valve on that line. Turn the handle on the gate valve clockwise until it stops.
  • The next step is to drain the water heater. You will need a garden hose and adjustable pliers. At the bottom front of the water heater there is a hose bib (a place to hook up garden hose). Drain it into an appropriate place, not causing any further damage.
  • Next, you will need to displace the water with air. To do this, find the closest fixture (kitchen sink faucet, bathroom sink faucet, or tub/shower faucet). Open the hot side only. This will allow air into the water heater and cause it to drain.

Not Working? You May Need Professional Sarasota Leak Detection And Leak Location Services – Call Accutech Now!

As always, we would like to remind you that these are helpful hints. If you feel for any reason you need assistance, please contact Accutech immediately for authoritative leak detection and leak location in your Sarasota home. Don’t risk causing more damage or hurting yourself. Call Accutech!