What Is Infrared Leak Detection?

Just because you can’t see leaks in your Sarasota home doesn’t mean that leaks aren’t causing damage. Leak detection services have become something more and more people are making themselves aware of. Infrared leak detection offers leak location without the destruction of tearing up your home. But why would anyone want to use infrared leak detection? What are some problems which could arise when leaks are left untreated? Leak detection can help with a whole host of issues including water damage, foundation issues, fire, pests, energy inefficiency and other problems which homeowners may not even be aware of let alone be able to see.

Water damage

When water seeps into your walls, your floors, your roof, and elsewhere it shouldn’t be, that’s a real problem. An infrared leak detector can identify where the leak is coming in and help you reach an end where you can stop leaks with the least amount of structural damage done to your home.

Fire damage

While something like a water leak in your walls or floors may not seem like the smoking gun for fire danger, the fact remains that leaving a leak untreated in your home can have explosive results. Leaks will often form near areas where there are already punctures in your wall. Electricity has to get into your home from an exterior source; where that source meets the outside; an electrical box, a converter, or electrical pole/to home wiring; these are all perfect spots for an electrical fire to be sparked by a leak in your home.


Another problem  with leaks forming is that when you leave leak detection untreated you run the risk of attracting pests, rodents, insects, or other unmentionables. Something else about when you see actual pests is that the chances of the ones you see being the only ones in your home is very slim.


One more problem of leak detection left untreated is when mold becomes an issue in your home. Mold and other spores are really deplorable, leave a nasty stench, and are tough to get rid of once they’ve invaded.

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Leak detection is vitally important for homes everywhere; in communities in Sarasota, unforeseen leaks can be a real issue. Leak detection left undetected can lead to issues of energy inefficiency, plumbing problems, and so much more. Because of the climate of Florida; whether it’s humidity, tropical storms, or just erosion on older buildings, keeping your home safe from leaks is a really wise idea. Leak detection and infrared leak detection are often the only way to preserve the integrity of the homes foundation and eradicate the leaks where they brood.