What Property Owners Should Know About Flood Damage In Sarasota

The spate of recent weather, including fatal tornados, that devastated the Southeast and Midwest got us thinking about some of the storms we’ve faced in our recent past. In addition to the considerable structural damage they do, they significantly impact flood insurance and flood zones. Floods can and do occur in Sarasota and surrounding areas. Flood risks vary from property to property and even within the same neighborhoods. Tropical events like hurricanes can create two flooding sources for our residents, storm surge and riverine (rainfall). Both sources of Sarasota flood damage wreak havoc on our residents and their homes and businesses, inflicting hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars worth of damage when they occur.

Flood Damage In Sarasota: Keeping Costs At Bay

  • As always, in the spirit of preparedness, it’s a wise, proactive action to review facts about flood insurance to potentially mitigate the cost of flood damage in Sarasota:
  • Many Homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover flood damage.
  • There’s usually a 30-day wait after the purchase of a flood insurance policy before it becomes effective.
  • Properties located in low or moderate risk flood zones can and do flood, however, property owners may be eligible to purchase a flood insurance policy, a Preferred Risk Policy, at reduced premiums.
  • Historically, 20-25 percent of all flood claims paid out are on properties located outside of high risk areas, known as Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs ).
  • The higher up a property owner raises their structure above the base flood elevation in high risk areas (to a certain limit ), the lower their insurance premiums will be.  A property owner in a high risk area could save as much as 50 percent in premium payments by building just two to three feet above the base flood elevation.
  • Renters and owners can purchase flood insurance in our area through the (National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and many can qualify for Community Rating System (CRS) discounts.
  • If you have been the victim of Sarasota flood damage, you can save substantial sums of cash by calling the water removal specialists at Accutech.

To find out more about your flood zone, visit FLOODSMART to calculate premiums and plan for all Sarasota flood damage contingencies.

How Can Flood Maps Help Me Prepare For Flood Damage In Sarasota?

As we’ve all recently seen, we are ever-vulnerable to nature’s fury. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t take steps to prepare ourselves in the event of flooding caused by rains or storms. We can take steps toward protecting ourselves from Sarasota flood damage. One way is to understand flood maps and their designations. For a complete primer on what those designations like “high risk areas” and “moderate risk areas” mean, visit DEFINING FLOOD RISKS.

After a flood, for your family’s health and safety, you need nothing less than expert water removal services. At Accutech we use only the most advanced equipment operated by the best technicians in the business. Contact us today for any questions you might have about Sarasota flood damage and how to guard against the worst!