What To Do About Water Damage To Your Wood Floor In Sarasota

Opting for wood floors adds remarkable beauty to your home. It can also be quite expensive when they’re damaged by water. You can readily identify water damage to wood floors by inspecting them for cupping, buckling, staining and warping. Water and wood floors just don’t mix. That’s why you want to do all you can to protect them when Sarasota water damage happens. Therefore, it’s important to know how to deal with it once it does.

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When your wood floor has water damage in Sarasota, the first step is to remove moisture from the floor if any is still present. You can do this using box fans, dehumidifiers, opening your windows and doors when possible and dry mopping. If water remains on the floor long enough, the boards will begin to warp, buckle and lose their shape. After the floor is completely dry it may return to its original flat state, depending on how long the water has been on the floor, but it’s often necessary to call a professional Sarasota water mitigation company like Accutech to save your floors.

If your floor has dried out and flattened, and as long as no staining was done, you should be able to screen, fill and re-coat to fix the floor. However, if your floor has been stained, re-finishing will most likely be necessary. If the entire floor has water damage you will want to consider sanding and refinishing to get back your wood floor’s natural beauty.

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What To Look For And How To Repair Sarasota Water Damage To Your Wood Floor

One of the signs of Sarasota water damage to your wood floor is cupping. Unfortunately, if your floor is cupping you will need to sand and remove the finish and reapply the appropriate coating. Never sand a wet floor because this will cause a washboard effect called crowing. This step should only be done if another sign, buckling, is not evident. There may be some minor repairs on some loose areas required but, as long as the wood is completely dry, you should re-finish your floor.

Remember, when learning how to repair Sarasota water damaged wood floors, it’s important to note that, if your floor is so bad that it has buckled, it means the water damage is permanent.  Buckling means your drying methods have failed because a significant amount of moisture remains in the wood. In most cases when your wood buckles it has completely released itself from the sub-floor. When this happens, it is better in many professionals’ opinion to let it go and start over with new flooring.

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Tips For Removing Water Damage Stains In Sarasota

The key to removing Sarasota water stains and damage from wood floors is to recognize how deeply the stain has penetrated the wood.  Even a floor that has been sealed and waxed can allow water to penetrate if left there long enough, so pay special attention to the type of stain you want to fix.  The most common kind of stain appears as a hazy white spot or even has grayish tones.  Removing this kind of stain is relatively easy.  You simply need to buff the finish gently with a soft cloth and a relatively mild abrasive.  Good choices for abrasives include non-gel toothpaste or the kind of polish designed for use on the finish of your car.  Gently rub the abrasive on the white spot until it disappears.

Sometimes, though, water penetrates further into the wood of your floor and creates a deeper stain that can be black or white depending on the type of wood.  This kind of stain requires a bit more effort to remove because it is a deeper stain. However there are steps that you can take to remove even this type of type of Sarasota water damage to your wood floors.

The first step of removing deeper stains is to cover the bordering areas so that they are protected.  Next, remove the old finish (or wax if your floor has it) and then use oxalic acid to remove the stain, bringing back the original color of the wood.  Once the area is dry, simply re-stain or seal it to match the surrounding floor.  With some care and attention to detail, removing Sarasota water damage like stains from wood floors can be simple.

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