Why Should I Worry About A Leak That Is Underground?

Water leakage is something that can turn out to be costly and destructive if leak detection is not done. Underground leakage can take time to notice and by the time you are aware, you have incurred a lot of cost in your water bill. Perhaps, it could also increase your energy bill, if the leakage occurs in underground pipes supplying hot water from the central water heating system. And, this is not all, underground leakage can cause water damage in your home if the water reaches the walls and floors. Water leak detection is an important service that can eliminate costs and damages associated with water leakages.

It may be hard to believe but leakages can lead to a loss of tens of gallons of water a day and if this continues for weeks or months without leak detection, it could translate into a huge water bill. This substantiates the reason why leak detection should be carried out immediately once you have noticed something suggesting that there could be an underground leakage. Statistics show that an average home can leak about 20-30 gallons of water per day.

Surprisingly, small drips from leaking pipes, joints, or valves, can add up very quickly and record huge water losses if no leak detection is done. How can you detect that there is an underground leakage in your home? The following can help you determine if there is an underground leak;

  • Increased water bills- if you have been paying an average amount for your water consumption and suddenly you begin to have a much higher bill, this could mean there is a leakage somewhere in your home, and a leak detection service is needed.
  • Increased water bills and no leaks noticeable on the surface- since underground leaks can drain on the soil; it may not be easy to notice and a leak detection expert should be consulted .
  • Lush vegetation concentrated in one area- if you notice lush vegetation in one particular area, this could mean pipes under the ground are leaking. A professional Sarasota leak detection firm can quickly identify the leakages.
  • Increased water and energy bill – if you discover that your water and energy bills have shifted to higher amounts, pipes that supply hot water to your home could be leaking and require leak detection.
  • Growth of mold on your walls- could mean an underground water leakage that is reaching the walls causing molds to grow. Accutech Restoration is experienced in identifying leaks even in the rarest scenarios.
  • Water coming from underground- this is the most obvious and the simplest leak detection method.

The Sarasota leak detection experts can use your water meter leak detector to detect if small water dripping is taking place. Water meters have leak detectors and these can be used to find out if there is a leakage. When you close all the outlets and valves, and find out that the leak detector is moving, then there is most likely an underground leakage in your home that requires leak detection.

All said and done, when you have noticed one or more of these things, you need to carry out water leak detection. With the help of Sarasota leak detection professionals, your leakage problem can be identified and plumbing work carried out to repair or replace the faulty pipes. In a nutshell, if leak detection is not done early, water leakage could cost you dearly and bring damage to your home. When leak detection is done in advance, it saves you the cost associated with leaks including energy cost. If unchecked, tiny leaks can amount to thousands of gallons in a year.