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Accutech Restoration Before & After Photos

Sun City Center, FL Fire Damage


At Accutech, we have assisted thousands of residents who found themselves victims of extensive fire damage. And we helped them keep their house. We were able to do that because we believe that, in times like those, what we do is so much more than just rebuilding. It’s part of our name. We restored people’s lives. We were able to lend a hand to our neighbors and allow them to keep the centerpiece of their lives.

Sarasota, FL Storm & Water Damage


We’re all vulnerable to natural disasters and in Florida we are quite aware of the ravages they can bring. However, for many of us, we endured Sarasota storm and water damage and stayed where we lived. We saw that water damage from natural disasters or broken pipe water damage in Sarasota ruin walls, destroy carpet, wood and other flooring. Yet, through it all, we also saw how people rebuilt and saved their homes. That many of us still live where we did is a testament to our fortitude and augments the conviction that our houses are so much more than just a roof.

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