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Water Damage To Wood Floors

How to Identify Water Damage to Wood Floors

Wood floors are a beautiful accent and asset for any home. They add a touch of unique beauty that combines minimal elegance with rustic traditionalism. If you have wood floors, then you know the lengths to which you go to protect them and bring out their innate beauty. You also know the measures you’ve taken to protect them from water damage.

But, wood floors and water don’t mix. Water can be devastating to them. It can cause them to stain or otherwise discolor, buckle, and warp. Repairs for water damage to wood floors can range from buffing and refinishing up to total replacement. That’s enough to frustrate anyone.

Wood floor damage can range from scratches caused by children and pets romping across them to the afore-mentioned water damage. It’s water damage that will potentially impact them the most. You must keep your Sarasota wood floors moisture-free. However, accidents and floods do happen. When they do, call Accutech for the fastest, most sophisticated Sarasota water removal solutions available to save those wood floors.

For a few time and money-saving tips on wood floor care, be sure to check out the Accutech blog for many helpful tips to keep your wood floors dry and beautiful.

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Why Call Accutech After Water Damage to My Wood Floors?

Accutech is Sarasota’s foremost water removal service. If you have water damage to your wood flooring, call us immediately. We’ll be on the scene within one hour to remove and keep away all moisture that can ruin your wood floors.

  • One-hour guarantee - At Accutech, we know when mitigating water damage to wood floors, time is one of the most critical factors. The longer water sits on your floors, the more opportunity it has to destroy them, forcing you to replace them. That will cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. Don’t let that happen to you. If we have area flooding or you experience a flood in your home for any reason, call Accutech first for speedy service.
  • State-of-the-art gear - Accutech uses only the most up-to-date, advanced equipment with which to both remove and to monitor your wood floor’s moisture and moisture content. Wood floors require a specific drying method. The experts at Accutech are all IICRC-certified water removal technicians who have the training and understanding to remove water or other liquids from your wood flooring altogether. We use three types of moisture meters to assess the extent of damage to your Sarasota wood floors and to monitor them after we’ve finished the drying process.
  • Written guarantee - Accutech provides written guarantees to all of our customers that their wood floors are dry and free from damage.

Call Accutech to Prevent Serious Water Damage

Whether your flooring is wood, carpet, or tile, Accutech has the resources and knowledge to help prevent water damage from spreading and wreaking havoc on floors. We have the equipment, the knowledgeable workforce, and the experience rapidly and expertly dry your flooring. For wood floor water damage in Sarasota, call Accutech!

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