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Thursday 9 May 2019

12 Most Frequent Causes of Moisture Damage

Posted by at 9:00 AM

Your house is designed to repel water and keep you dry inside.  However there are many things that can go wrong and when they do moisture can build up and cause damage to your home.  Water can find it’s way into your home by intruding through cracks in the exterior of your home or it can come from internal leaks in the many pipes inside or under you home.  Below we have listed the most common causes of moisture damage in your home.

Moisture Damage: 12 Common Causes

  1. Roof or Flashing Are In Need Of Repair
  2. Gutter and Downspout Problems
  3. Ice Dams
  4. Weep Holes Become Clogged
  5. Soffits and Fascias Are Damaged
  6. Landscape Grade Changes Have Occurred
  7. Window and Door Flashing or Seals Need Repair
  8. Groundwater or Rainwater Collects
  9. Plumbing Develops Slow or Sudden Leaks
  10. Condensation Forms on Windows, Pipes, and Inside Walls
  11. Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Need Maintenance
  12. Sump Pump Needs Maintenance or Replacement

If moisture has been trapped in your home it can lead to fungus and mold growth as well as attract carpenter ants and other insects.  If Fungi growth is left unchecked it can literally eat wood causing the wood to decay and rot.  This poses a larger structural problem that is very expensive to fix.  Trapped moisture can also destroy your insulation leading to higher heating and cooling expenses.

The good news is if you do a frequent visual inspections of your home for the potential hazards listed above you can address the problems areas before they have a chance to cause major damage to your home.  If your home has moisture or water damage or you suspect that it may please call a Professional Water Removal Company immediately.

If you have Moisture Damage the professionals at Accutech Remodeling and Restoration can help your get you home back to normal, give us a call today for your Free Estimate – 941-378-0700.