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Friday 23 August 2019

5 Flood Damage Cleanup Tips

Posted by at 9:00 AM

After a flood, there are many more problems that can pile up and cause nothing but hassle. It is all about how you handle the aftermath that determines exactly how the problems are resolved. After a flood, mold can grow in the walls, in the ceiling, underneath the carpet, or behind framing. Mold can also cause you and your family to suffer respiratory sicknesses or allergic reactions that could be harmful to your health. Your electricity could become dangerous and even the water itself. Be ready to handle any type of flood this hurricane season with these five tips.

1.) Make Safety a Priority

Before touching or handling anything in your home, be sure to protect yourself with a face mask, strong gloves, and safety glasses. Do not use electricity until it has been appointed safe by a professional. Do not wade through flood water and do not expose yourself to the flood water. Flood water can carry animal waste and chemicals that could become harmful to you and your family. Switch off the house power.

2.) Take Pictures of Everything

Taking pictures of everything will help you remember exactly how the flood impacted the state of your household and belongings. Take pictures of every corner of the house in every room; be sure to photograph any remaining puddles or flooded areas. This will help you file claims with insurance agencies. Be sure not to touch anything while photographing. Also remember to take pictures of both the inside and outside of the house. Print them out and keep them somewhere dry for when you need them.

3.) Wash All Items

As soon as it is safe to reenter your home after a flood, gather all belongings to safely wash them. Do not use the appliances in your home until the flood is cleaned and an electrician has approved its use. Gather all clothes and toys to wash and sanitize them. You may want to wash them more than once to get a thorough cleanse. Flood water can contain any amount of chemicals which could contaminate your items and make you sick. Remove bedding and furnishings that need to be washed as well.

4.) Air Flow

Once an electrician has approved use of your electrical appliances, set up dehumidifiers throughout your house to help dry the affected areas. Open windows and doors to let the fresh air in, and be sure to allow enough time for every wet area to dry. This decreases chances of dangerous mold growth.

5.) Call a Professional

Floods can create a large impact on any home, without warning. Hurricane season is especially a time to take precaution. Floods turn a functioning household into a shut-down building that can become a hazard in any area of the house. After a flood, call an electrician. They can ensure that your electrical system is safe to use. They can also look for any damaged outlets. Call a professional to look at the structure of your home before you return inside; water can build up and pose a threat of collapse. Lastly, call a professional for the removal of water and the restoration of your carpets, floors, and walls. Professionals are prepared to clean up after events such as floods, and it is better to be safe than unhealthy.

Contact Us Today

Our professionals here at Accutech are certified technicians and restoration experts. We can remove water and its contaminants. If you have rotted boards, moldy walls or carpets sitting on top of mold, do not hesitate to call. Our experts arrive on the scene prepared and ready to restore your house or structure to its pre-flooded state. We are certified to restore drywall, tiled flooring, wood flooring, carpet flooring, ceilings, paneling, and more. With hurricane season coming up, it is a good idea to be prepared with these tips. For all of your removal and restoration needs, contact us today.