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Friday 24 May 2019

A Checklist for Hiring Water Restoration Companies in Sarasota

Posted by at 9:00 AM

Water damage from flooding, toilet overflow, or other water catastrophes can be one of the most stressful situations you can experience. When searching for water restoration companies in Sarasota to help you in your time of need, you want an experienced, trustworthy service that will get the job done. Composing a checklist of important points to consider in your search is suggested if you want to find an ideal company to perform the job at hand.

A Quick Checklist For Hiring The Best Water Restoration Company In Sarasota

  1. Experience: When searching for water restoration companies in Sarasota, be sure to look for those that have extensive experience. Reputable water restoration companies should be versed in a wide range of tasks. Also ensure that the services are staffed with well-trained and knowledgeable professionals that have expertise in not only water damage restoration, but water and sewage removal, mold removal, and proper cleanup from flooding. The company should also offer cleanup from sewage pipe breakage, carpet, tile, and hardwood floor replacement, and odor elimination. It is necessary for  restoration companies to have the skill in mold spore prevention as well. Mold plays a huge role in water damage. Performing tasks such as air cleaning, dehumidification, and drying to remove the mold completely can speed up the water damage process.
  2. Arrival Time/Speed of Job Completion: After flooding, overflow, or other water disasters, it is crucial that the damage is taken care of as soon as possible. It is actually recommend that water restoration company in Sarasota that you choose has an arrival time of 60 minutes or less to prevent extensive damage to your home. The very latest a company should be called on-site is 48 hours. If a mold job is being performed, as a rule of thumb, it should be completed in no more than 30 days. Bigger mold removal jobs should be completed within a 60 day period.
  3. Advanced Equipment/Methods: Hiring a company that employs advanced equipment and water removal and damage restoration methods is a must. Always ask the company exactly what type of equipment that they use. You want to find a water restoration company in Sarasota that does not use old school methods such as pulling up carpet and using fans to dry out your home. The more advanced companies use state-of-the-art-equipment the will draw the liquid and moisture out of your carpet, without ever having to destructively rip it up.
  4. Insurance Knowledge: The water restoration company in Sarasota you select should not only be capable on assisting with the damage done to your property, but also have the knowledge and capability to help with your insurance company. If you only minor water damage is done to your home, you may not have to file a claim with your insurance company. If greater damage has been done to your home, however, an insurance claim will definitely have to be filed. That is why you will need a water restoration company in Sarasota that has experience working with insurance companies, and filing claims.

Don’t think you could ever find a water restoration company in Sarasota to fit all of the criteria on this checklist? Think again. Accutech Restoration and Remodeling has the most experienced, best-trained staff in Sarasota, always ready to assist you in any water damage situation. We use one of the most technologically advanced water removal methods available, the Hydro-X Extreme Extractor, and are one of only two companies in the greater Sarasota vicinity to utilize this technique. With our industry knowledge and superior customer, Accutech Restoration is one of the leading water restoration companies in the Sarasota area. Check us out to see for yourself!