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Sunday 21 July 2019

A Guide To A Flood Recovery Plan After Sarasota Water Damage

Posted by at 9:00 AM

In our previous blog about what to do to save your home, its floors and your sanity after water damage and flooding in Sarasota, we asked you to check out our blog about how to create a post-flood recovery plan. So, what do we mean by that?

Well, it’s a point-by-point analysis of your current situation, plus this is a guide to help you best prepare for any future flooding or water damage in Sarasota. Get organized after a flood, then be prepared in the event that it happen again.

The first thing that you should ask yourself after a flood is, “Do I want to risk continuing to live here and be flooded again?” In order to best determine your situation, you should consult the county for flood map information. Was this flood simply caused by a strong storm, or do you live in flood-prone areas that are likely to keep going under? That answer is for you to decide. If you think that you would be better off in a different location, talk to your local government or disaster assistance officials about help rebuilding where floods can no longer damage your home. There are programs that will buy some properties with houses that have been destroyed or substantially damaged. Other programs give financial help to move or elevate houses so they are above flood levels.

Creating Your Flood Recovery Plan After A Sarasota Flood And Water Damage

In the event you decide to stay put, here are some things to mull:

  • Always make sure your home is safe for return.
  • Contact Accutech for Sarasota flood and water damage removal services. Only Accutech will give you the confidence that your home is truly dry, guaranteed in writing and performed by CCIRC-pros.
  • Decide what you can and cannot do. We understand the need to save money and the DIY spirit of many of our customers. However, don’t take on work you can’t complete. Hire professionals for dry out after a flood in Sarasota. Call Accutech!
  • Determine whether you need financial assistance. Please see our blog post on that subject.
  • Check with your mortgage holder. If your mortgage holder is listed on your insurance policy, you cannot cash your insurance claim check without their approval. Before you decide on repairing and flood-proofing, make sure that your loan will not be affected. The mortgage holder may be able to provide financial help, such as deferring interest payments for a month or two.
  • Talk to family. It’s always important that everyone be on-board with your decisions. Talking about your options can help you psychologically process the devastation caused by flood and water damage in Sarasota.
  • Don’t rush to use credit cards – Many people choose to use credit cards after a Sarasota flood and water damage. The truth is, if you’re staying, a second mortgage or low-interest government loan is usually a cheaper way to repair your home.

Consider The Above Recovery Plan Points After A Sarasota Flood And Water Damage

Whatever your decision after a flood and water damage in Sarasota, you should always consider the points listed above. They’ll help you sort through the confusion that will accompany your post-flood process. Accutech can lift the burden of drying out your Sarasota home and work with your insurance company to help deal with flood losses, including damages to your carpeting, tile floors, wood floors and other water damage. Call Accutech for professional Sarasota dry out!