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Saturday 6 April 2019

After Sarasota Fire Damage: How Does Structural Cleaning Work?

Posted by at 9:00 AM

A fire can be a terrible thing to happen to any residence or business. Possibly even worse, however, is the water damage that occurs from putting the fire out. Together, it means that a lot of damage has occurred and it will need to be repaired – sooner rather than later. Fortunately for those who have fire damage, Sarasota offers companies that are able to perform structural cleaning and repair services.

Does Your Sarasota Fire Damage Company Cover All of Your Needs?

Quality companies in Sarasota are often able to help you with everything you need after you have a fire. Besides being able to repair your home or business, they may offer the following additional services, which may mean you can get everything you need in one place:

•    Water removal
•    Dry out services
•    Packing up personal possessions – with an inventory
•    Storing of your possessions
•    Roof tarps
•    Boards to seal property.

A fire can quickly damage a home’s structure, making it necessary to clean structural components and possibly have to replace some of them. When there is little structural cleaning, this can lead to problems that will only pop up later. Wet beams or flooring, for instance, which are covered over (and not replaced), may mean that you will have toxic molds and mildews growing in unseen places – leading to potential health problems. It may also lead to rotten wood, or it may attract termites – depending on where it is in the home or business.

When you think about it, if you have insurance on your home, then you want the cleanup and repair company to do their best, and not have to worry about future problems. After all, you probably still plan to live there if the damage is not too great.

Damages That Might Also Be Caused By A Fire

Fire and water may also cause unseen fire damage. Sarasota companies know that you may have soot, fire damage, smoke and water damage, or odor damage on things like:

•    Furniture
•    HVAC systems
•    Floors
•    Walls
•    Appliances
•    Drapes
•    Electronics
•    Cabinets
•    Carpets and rugs
•    Personal content.

A good structural cleaning company will be able to take care of many of your household items and furniture and restore them to a usable condition. This means eliminating odors, cleaning them by removing soot and ash, and removing mold. A number of fire damage, Sarasota companies also use green cleaning solutions to be environmentally friendly – enabling you to be able to move back in without concern for your children or pets being exposed to harmful chemicals.

Any damaged structure items get repaired or replaced. Then they are restored to make it look like it did prior to the fire. When you have fire damage, Sarasota restoration and structural cleaning companies are ready to help you get your life together again.

If your home has been damaged as the result of a fire, contact Accutech Restoration today to receive professional service in a timely manner.