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Saturday 30 March 2019

After Sarasota Fire Damage: How Your Home is Boarded Up

Posted by at 9:00 AM

Fire damage does more than uproot your life; it has the ability to create other problems such as looting, structural damage, and destruction of your belongings. The job of a fire damage restoration company in Sarasota is to help victims make a smooth transition from the experience and help in any way possible. Perhaps one of the most obvious ways to help is by boarding up a home after the fire damage has been done.

We Try To Protect You From Further Damage

In addition to the possibilities of losing their home, belongings, perhaps even loved ones, the victims of a fire need help from a fire damage restoration company to identify and contain the damage done. Fire damage restoration companies in Sarasota focus on preserving and protecting their customer’s homes from further damage, which requires taking the right initial steps.

Fire Damage Can Cause an Array of Problems

Whether it’s water damage, soot, smoke, or major structural damage due to fire, determining the source of the damage is key. There are several classifications for fire and smoke, which must be taken into consideration when boarding up or restoring a home due to fire damage. Smoke comes in four basic varieties: wet, dry, protein, and fuel oil soot. Wet smoke results from a low heat fire, whereas dry smoke results from a high temperature, quick burning fire. Protein smoke is almost invisible, but creates pungent odor, and fuel oil soot smoke is created from furnace currents. Classifying these types of smoke is what your Sarasota fire damage restoration company does in order to determine the type of fire occurred and what they can do in terms of replacement and restoration.

After Your Property Is Secured

Once the fire damage restoration company has determined the stability of the structure, they can begin to restore it or deem it unfit.  The company will remove and clean up debris, pump out any water left in the building, and then dry it out. This must be done using disinfectants and antimicrobials used to prevent mold and mildew, since these are harmful if left to grow in a damaged home. When these preliminary actions have been completed, the windows and doors may be boarded up.

We May Need to Take Extra Steps to Ensure Your Security

Your Sarasota fire damage restoration company may also need to consider putting a padlock on the building, installing chain link fences and roof tarps or covers. The key virtue of the board up process is security, and your fire damage restoration company will work with you to make sure your home does not fall prey to looters and other unwanted guests. Their main goal is to help home and business owners recover from fire damage and get their lives back to normal as soon as possible, by promptly taking the right steps and precautions towards restoration.