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Friday 29 March 2019

After Sarasota Water Damage: The Drying Process

Posted by at 9:00 AM

When you use Accutech Restoration and Remodeling of Sarasota, one of the many advantages you get is our drying process, the most scientific method to restore your flooring after water damage.  Because our IICRC technicians use the latest, very best technology available, your carpets and rugs will be dryer quicker.  Our drying process can be summarized by this seven-point plan.

Response Time

1.    One-hour guarantee.

Drying Methods

2.    Hyrdro-X Extreme Extractor
3.    No carpet removal.

Monitoring Process

4.    Scientific measurement.
5.    Daily monitoring.
6.    Written proof.

Certified Technicians

7.    IICRC technician

Accutech’s One-Hour Guarantee: Sarasota’s Only Choice After Water Damage

Accutech Restoration and Remodeling guarantees we will be on the scene within one hour after you contact us.  Speed is one the most important factors in water removal.  Instead of giving you some vague idea of when we might show up, Accutech will be at your property and beginning the drying process and removing water within one hour.

The Hyrdro-X Extreme Extractor: Accutech’s High-Tech Weapon For Water Removal

Our truck-mounted Hyrdro-X extreme extractor is far superior to many of our competitors approach to water removal.  After Accutech’s highly-trained technicians show up on the scene within an hour, we immediately get to work removing water from your flooring.  With the Hydro-X’s extreme power, we can extract water five to six times as quickly as other companies employing older, less-effective methods.

Accutech Does Not Need To Rip Out Your Carpet

Because the Hyrdro-X is such a powerful, cutting-edge tool in your defense against water damage, with Accutech there is no need for carpet removal.  Gone are the days of inconvenience, when poorly trained “technicians” ripped out your expensive flooring and dried it with fans.  The results are not only a much faster way to dry your carpet, but also a way to preserve your investment – and your health.  The carpets aren’t removed so their ‘lifespan’ remains intact.  When other companies tear them out, they are in effect reducing the life of your carpet.  Accutech’s superior method of water removal after a flood event means that you save money in the long run, thereby protecting your assets.  Likewise, our complete and fast method reduces the opportunity for mold and bacteria to grow, restoring your home or office to hygienic living and working conditions.

With Accutech, We Use Extensive Monitoring Practices After A Flood Event

Because Sarasota and Florida are so humid, it is of vital importance that post-drying monitoring be thorough.  When Accutech’s certified pros finish the first step of pulling out all water from your carpet, they then begin the monitoring process.  Accutech insists on using 3 moisture meters during this phase of the job.  The first moisture meter measures water content in floors, the second in baseboards, walls, ceilings and cabinets and the third measures the humidity in the room.  We offer daily monitoring to assure you that all excessive moisture has dissipated.

We at Accutech are so sure that our process is sound, thorough and successful that we offer written proof that your carpets and rugs are dry.  Protect yourself and loved ones from mold, bacteria and other byproducts of water damage.  In Sarasota, there’s only one choice for water remediation: Accutech Restoration and Remodeling. Contact Us Today!