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Tuesday 26 March 2019

Can You Know If Your Home is Dry Without Using a Moisture Meter?

Posted by at 9:00 AM

The short answer is no.

When your home has been damaged by water from flooding or overflow, it is important that you make sure all excessive moisture has been vacated after the drying process.  The only sure way to do this is by use of a moisture meter.   Collected water is insidious and can hide from you deep within almost any kind of material, making you think it’s not there.  Wood, plaster, various types of flooring, vinyl and even  concrete can be saturated to various degrees by water, and it takes a knowledgeable Accutech technician with years of experience to seek out and extract it.
Our Accutech pros have extensive experience with every type of moisture meter, guaranteeing that your home or office will be free of water that, when left untended, can cause costly structural damage and be a menace to your health, providing the ideal breeding ground for mold.

Time Is Of The Essence: Call Accutech in Sarasota If Your Toilet Overflows

Toilet overflows are probably the most unwelcome event we can think of, and knowing what to do is important for your family’s or staff’s health.  Accutech can be on the scene within one hour, removing waste and water and restoring your floors to the sanitary conditions necessary for healthy, productive lives.  In the instance of an unsanitary flooding event, it is imperative that you make sure all the mold-inducing bacteria and moisture are removed.  Especially in this case, you want a trained pro thoroughly testing your property with moisture meters.   Our seasoned, IICRC-certified experts at Accutech will make certain that you aren’t threatened with any of the lingering health hazards retained water and bacteria pose.   Accutech is your number 1 source for water and mold remediation in Sarasota.

Was Water Already Present In My Home Or Office?

In addition to the obvious problems of flooding and overflow, did you know that excessive moisture can be built right into the structure?  It’s true.  There are several ways this can happen:

  • One example of moisture being ‘built in’ is when the concrete slabs are poured.  Concrete is poured in wet and can take up to one month to dry.   During that time, as moisture moves upward through the concrete (known as “curing”) in the form of vapor.  If flooring is laid without giving the slabs ample time to dry, water can absorb into your carpet or wood, causing damage and even foster mold growth.
  • Another example of built-in moisture is when there are building envelope leaks.  Internal and external leaks are problematic.   From shower leaks and plumbing fissures, moisture levels can accumulate to undesired levels.
  • Finding moisture introduced from these and other developmental sources is nearly impossible without the proper instrument.  Our decades of experience with various moisture meters at Accutech tells you that we’re the authority when it comes to seeking out and remediating water and mold, both from obvious and hidden sources.
  • Here in Sarasota, where humidity is rampant and there are almost daily showers, staying on top of your moisture count is crucial.  Your trusted pros at Accutech have been well-trained and have years of experience using and reading moisture meters.  When it comes to knowing that your structure is free from dangerous levels of water, Accutech is the name to remember.  And we guarantee our work in writing. Contact Us Today!