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Tuesday 9 July 2019

Ceiling Water Damage Can Be Very Dangerous To Your Family

Posted by at 9:00 AM

In our previous post, we discussed the value of security for you. No doubt about it, safety, confidence and security are all examples of a different sort of currency – and a very stout currency it is! As the head of a household or the owner of a business, you know the safety of your family and employees is absolutely essential. There’s really no questioning that, is there? It’s instinctual. So with that in mind, we thought we’d review some points about ceiling water damage and why it’s so important to perform routine inspections of your roof. It’s critical that you do so to help ensure the safety of all those little heads under it. Additionally, attic inspections are an important part of preventing ceiling water damage in Sarasota. Water that causes ceiling water damage can be sourced from damaging storms or from pipes and HVAC infrastructural elements.

A Guide To Doing A Basic Roof And Attic Inspection To Prevent Sarasota Ceiling Water Damage

Since water can enter your attic through bad roofing, we’re posting this simple guide about how to do a roof inspection.

Important Note! Do not perform this inspection unless you are physically able to climb, crawl and bend. If you’d like an inspection done for you, give us a call at Accutech. We’re happy to help!

Quick Roof Inspection Points

To prevent Sarasota ceiling water damage, look for:

  • Missing or displaced shingles
  • Discolored or aging shingles
  • Structural damage around any exposed attic fan elements
  • Check sealant integrity around ventilation pipes
  • Check sealant integrity around chimney (if you have one)

Again, performing a quick eyeball test on your ceiling is always a great thing to do as a homeowner. However, it’s never a substitute for a professional inspection. Preventing water damage to ceilings in Sarasota is about staying ahead of problems before they get severe and turn into an emergency.

Quick Attic Inspection Notes

Keep these areas in mind:

  • Attic ventilation
  • Damaged wood, and past or present leak sources.
  • Rusted nails or stains around the roofing nails that penetrate the roof deck
  • Black mold indicates a potential venting problem.
  • Inspect in and around insulation. Improper or otherwise shifted insulation can cause proper ventilation to be blocked.

A professional ventilation calculation should be routinely made to ensure your attic has the proper airflow. Bathroom fans and plumbing stacks should also be checked to make sure they are properly connected  so that they vent to the attic. You can do these types of checks via the attic hatch. But don’t risk your safety or damage to the insulation. If you walk on the insulation it will compress, thereby lowering its performance value. Plus, one wrong step and you might fall through your ceiling. Please always exercise extreme caution when working in your attic or own your roof. Make sure you have more than adequate lighting. And safety goggles and a protective mask can’t hurt, either. When in doubt, call Accutech.

Accutech: The Finest Ceiling Water Damage Company In Sarasota

Don’t want to crawl around in that attic yourself? Who know’s what’s up there, right? Call Accutech. Protect yourself from Sarasota ceiling water damage. Accutech knows how.