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Thursday 28 March 2019

Clear Water, Black Water, and Gray Water: What’s The Difference?

Posted by at 9:00 AM

Accutech Of Bradenton And Sarasota: Helping You Understand Exactly What Your Problem Is

At Accutech, our aim is to not only help you get your life back to normal after water or fire damage and provide cleanup and remodeling services, but also to provide Sarasota, Bradenton and the surrounding areas with a useful knowledge base when it comes to the services we provide.

We are all consumers.  Being a part of the service industry, Accutech understands how important it is to be apprised of as much information regarding your repairs as possible.  The more nuanced and specific the information, the better.  With a well-informed customer base, we can better serve you and get you back on your feet with minimum hassle.  That’s what we pride ourselves on: efficient, thorough restoration and remodeling services, and being as helpful as possible.   We are proud to share the great communities of Sarasota and Bradenton with you.

Water Damage & Flooding: The Difference Between Gray, Black, and Clean Water?

You can tell a lot about the type of flooding you experience just by how the water looks.   Is it basically running clear?  Is it black or very dark or just gray?  Something to remember when you survey your home or office after water damage is that, as the water gets darker, the situation gets worse.

Clear Water

As far as floods go, clear water is fairly benign.  It still demands immediate action.  If the water appears relatively clean it’s usually from rain or burst pipes.  While this water is typically clean of contaminants, it can still do plenty of structural damage, as well as provide the necessary conditions to grow mold, fungi, bacteria and the like.

Gray Water

Gray water is a little bit more serious.  It usually comes from appliances like dishwashers and washing machines and is known to be tainted.  Like any water, if not immediately tended to it can wreak serious damage and be a health risk.  With any water event, the nose knows.  Try to stay aware of any musty smells as they’re a great indicator if bacteria-ripe conditions.

Black Water

Black water is extremely serious.   Any water damage clean up should be handled by the pros at Accutech, but if you have a black water, or what is known as an “unsanitary” flood, the water is contaminated.  Black water events are the result of toilet overflows, backed up sewers and floods.  Avoid contact and call Accutech immediately.  We’ll be on the scene and beginning drying out and cleaning within the hour, guaranteed.

Aside from property damages that can rise to the tens-of-thousands of dollars in repairs, your family’s health is the primary consideration when facing a flood event.  If you notice anyone sneezing, experiencing a chronic sore throat or any other unusual physical symptoms after a flood, be sure to seek medical attention and call Accutech.  Our decades of experience in dealing with water remediation, as well as Sarasota and Bradenton’s  atmospheric and meteorological conditions makes us your preeminent experts for home or office flooding.   And our services are guaranteed in writing.