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Tuesday 21 May 2019

Common Water Damage Problems In Bradenton

Posted by at 9:00 AM

It’s not secret. Living in Florida leaves us vulnerable to flooding and storm water damage in Bradenton and elsewhere. But knowledge is power. Knowing what kind of water damage you are most likely to encounter can help you prepare for it and decrease the costs and misery associated with it.

Types of water damage can vary throughout Florida depending on where you live, but in Bradenton, coastal storm surges are one concern. They occur as a result of strong tropical storms or hurricanes and wreak considerable havoc miles inland. Then, of course, there’s flooding associated with those storms. In these cases it just seems like things can get worse and worse. Yes, Florida is truly a beautiful place to call home, but it’s also important to know your flood zones, be prepared with flood insurance and modify your home accordingly to guard against substantial water damage in Bradenton.

Other Climate Considerations

Our climate here in Florida is brutal when you look at the amount of damage that may be caused to wood products (such as home structural supports). Just think of the year-round levels of humidity we experience.  Regular home maintenance and painting will do much to prevent the problems posed by water, but not all. Any wooden surface without rain protection is prone to water damage, and stucco homes may be similarly affected if the stucco begins to crack. In many cases, it is preferable to purchase a masonry-built home with aluminum and other materials in place of wood siding, framing, or trim.

However, if this is not the style of home you want to have, you can protect yourself against water damage to the exterior with smart planning.  So just to recap, here are three types of water damage yo may experience in Bradenton:

  • Storm Surge
  • Flooding Caused By Rain
  • High Humidity

Thus far, we’ve focused primarily on the exterior of your home, but as you know, water can find its  way inside your home as well, and that’s when things tend to get considerably worse. That year round humidity we mentioned – that can cause mold, which is potentially a serious health hazard. It can also threaten the structural integrity, especially to older homes and also erode sheet rock.

Flooding or storm surge can cause both sanitary and unsanitary water damage in Bradenton, and it’s crucial to have a dry out plan in place. We know it sounds kind of corny, but because of the often sudden nature of Florida storms and flooding, it doesn’t hurt to walk through the steps of what you plan to do during a flood, including:

  • Covering and protecting valuables and keepsakes
  • What company you will call for the fastest, most professional dry-out services
  • What evacuation route, if any, will you be taking
  • What types of food and bottled water you might need

Now, we’re not talking about doomsday prepping here, just getting your ducks in a row. Because, as you’ve seen over the years, these storms can cause serious damage, even life threatening damage.

Dry Out Services For Water Damage In Bradenton Is Serious Business

As we mentioned, when it comes to a great water removal company, you should pick one that shows up inside an hour, that uses the most technologically advanced equipment, who has a stellar BBB rating and whose staff is IICRC-trained. Don’t settle for anything less. Your family’s health and safety depend on it.

Consumer Tip! Consider scheduling an annual home inspection that includes leak detection and leak location services to ensure your home is moisture free. This helps keep property values up and mold growth down!