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Wednesday 21 August 2019

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

Posted by at 9:00 AM

Homeowner’s insurance can be a tricky subject. Some cases are covered, while other situations may not be so lucky. But how is one to find out if they are covered in certain situations? In regards to water, there are two types of damage to be aware of: water damage and flood damage. In the area of home insurance, these two types of damage are completely different entities that are approached in two different ways. What is the difference? What is actually covered? Homeowner’s insurance does not have to be a mysterious thing.

Flood Damage vs. Water Damage

Water can come in many forms: potable or distilled, purified or gray, sewer water or bath water. But when it causes damage, there are two types of insurance that you should be prepared with: a homeowner’s insurance policy as well as a flood insurance policy. Flood damage is damage done to your home due to natural forces beyond your control like flooding caused by weather. Homeowner’s insurance does not provide coverage for flood damage, but it does so for water damage. Water damage is considered to be such in the event that the water damages your house before it hits the ground, such as a hailstorm or a broken sewage pipe.

Homeowner’s Insurance and Water

While flooding is not covered under homeowner’s insurance, what may be covered is water damage that is related to a plumbing system that may have been faulty. Be sure to understand exactly what your homeowner’s policy states, and obtain a flood insurance policy if necessary. Weather can be a temperamental thing, so it is best to be prepared for anything. If your water damage was due to a faulty pipe, then your homeowner’s insurance may be able to cover it if you can prove that the pipe was fault on its own accord. This means that you would need to prove that you have done all you could to prevent any faults from occurring. Repairs and maintenance would thus have to be proven. Sometimes shoddy repair work is also to blame, which you would also have to prove through various forms.

Be sure to look through your policy thoroughly to understand your policy coverage and please contact your local insurance agent with any coverage questions.

What to Do After Water Damage

Whether the water damaged parts of your house via flooding or another source, it must be removed as quickly as possible. If water is not removed, then mold will be able to grow, which could cause you and your loved ones sickness. Check for leaks regularly and be sure to stop any leak that you find immediately. Mold damage may be covered by homeowner’s insurance if it was caused by something that is already covered.

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