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Saturday 20 July 2019

Don’t Replace Your Carpet After A Sarasota Water Leak!

Posted by at 9:00 AM

Good News! You Don’t Have To Replace Your Carpet After A Water Leak In Sarasota!

Water leaks from any source in your home, including leaks from pipes hidden in walls, ceilings and your attic, can all potentially cause serious water damage to your Sarasota carpet. That’s why we at Accutech always recommend water leak location and detection services as part of your home’s maintenance program. However, even if you do conduct leak detection as part of your routine home maintenance, sometimes they happen. That’s just the way things are. The bad news is, if neglected, water damage from leaks can cause rot in baseboards and dry wall, water damage to your home’s structural elements like wooden beams and can cause mold pretty quickly. When you have a water leak in Sarasota, it’s important to act quickly. Accutech is the fastest water removal and Sarasota dry out service around. Call us before you call anyone.

Some Helpful Tips For Bad Advice: Never Rip Up Your Carpets After A Water Leak In Sarasota. Always Call Accutech First!

If you search around the Internet looking for advice about what to do with your carpet after a water leak in Sarasota, you will find a wide range of tips and how-to’s. Unfortunately, some of the things you will find aren’t accurate or are, at best, out of date.

If your Sarasota home has a water leak and your carpets are affected, there are a few things you should do after you call Accutech for our expertise in thoroughly drying out your home and its flooring. First, if the weather is good, open your windows and doors in the affected room, gather all your fans and begin airing the space out. Circulation is one of the most effective means for initial water removal from your carpet. And it’s a great thing to do while you’re waiting for a CCIRC-trained water removal specialist from Accutech to arrive. Fortunately, we will be there in an hour or less, guaranteed. We know the need for speed when it comes to Sarasota water leaks and your carpets.

Now, read closely: It is not necessary to rip your carpets out to dry them. Even subflooring like padding can possibly be salvaged after a Sarasota water leak!

When you contact Accutech for your water damage removal caused by a Sarasota water leak, you’re hiring the best. One of only a select few of restoration companies to be a member of the BBB in Sarasota, we use only the most advanced equipment like the Hydro-X Extreme Extractor to remove water from your carpet. Check out our webpage on Sarasota water removal to see how it work. It’s the best gear going for dry out. We also monitor your home with three different types of moisture meters to thorough satisfaction. Don’t let a Sarasota water leak ruin your carpet.

Accutech For Rapid Water Extraction From Your Carpet After A Sarasota Water Leak

Never risk lingering water damage. It can cause structural failure and pose serious health risks due to mold growth and proliferation. After a Sarasota water leak, call Accutech as quickly as possible for the finest Sarasota dry out services around. Guaranteed in writing to be the best.