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Thursday 15 August 2019

Flood Zones In Lakewood ranch

Posted by at 9:00 AM

Florida’s Lakewood Ranch is a beautiful environment surrounded by green grass, sunny days, and clear water. But there exist two environmental issues that combat the utopia of Lakewood Ranch: Florida’s hurricane and rainy season, and the Gulf of Mexico. Either one can develop an issue of flooding, but when merged together, flooding becomes an issue to talk about and prepare for. Florida’s hurricane season can bring many days’ worth amount of rain, rains that can not only leak through your roof or windows, but can also add to the level of water around your house. When enough water is added to the area, the Gulf or the bodies of water in your residential area may rise to the point of threatening a flood. Are there flood zones in your area? Should you get flood insurance for your Lakewood Ranch area? What can water damage really do, and how can Accutech help you?

The Area of Lakewood Ranch

Lakewood Ranch is a large community in Florida’s Manatee County. Set on the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico, the weather can become treacherous during the summer months. But aside from the weather, Lakewood Ranch is an environment dedicated to parks, trails, and other activities involving recreational entertainment, including the sports of golf, tennis, polo, and cricket.

Florida weather, while popularly known as the Sunshine State, can become dangerous during the hurricane season. During the summer months, starting in June and ending in about late August or early September, Florida weather consists mostly of rain. Rainfall can be sudden and sporadic or lasting up to an entire day. Rain can sneak into houses and leak inside, or it can build up in the bodies of water around it, including the Gulf of Mexico. When the bodies of water rise, your Lakewood Ranch home may be in danger of flooding due to its location.

When buying your house in Lakewood Ranch, be sure to ask your realtor or agent about the property itself. Does it sit in a flood zone? What is the evacuation plans? It is also a good idea to purchase homeowners’ insurance; understand, however, that flood insurance is not included in homeowners’ insurance, and is therefore a separate entity. If you already own a house in the Lakewood Ranch area, be sure to know the answers to these questions before anything serious or potentially dangerous occurs.

Should I Get Flood Insurance for my Lakewood Ranch Home?

When asking yourself if you should get flood insurance for your Lakewood Ranch home, the first thing you should consider is your relation to any specific flood zone. Do you live within a flood zone? You want to protect your home and property, and flood insurance may be a logical and secure investment. Most of Manatee County is comprised of flood zones, so flood insurance may be a good investment. Call an insurance agent for the details you need to make your decision.

Flooding: Before, During, After

Before a flood, preparations must be made. Get your house regularly checked for leaks from your roof or windows. Get your plumbing checked to ensure that if your house does indeed flood, it is because of nature and not an untreated pipe. Have a flood safety plan that you and your loved ones have memorized. Have a destination planned in the event of evacuation. Only pack with you what you need. Keep all-important items as high above the floor as you can. The Manatee County website has a list of emergency shelters and evacuation routes that are available in the occasion of a flood. The list of emergency shelters includes the information of their location and if they are pet friendly.

During the flood, follow the evacuation plan, and do not take anything with you that are unnecessary. Do not wade through water; as wildlife or bacteria may be lurking. If you must wade through water, do not try to cross a flood that is above your waist. Get to as high off the ground as you safely can, and keep yourself safe. If it advised to evacuate the area, do so.

After the flood, do not turn back on the electricity until a professional deems it safe to use. Check around your house for the amount of damage, and take pictures as you do so. This will serve as proof and evidence for your insurance company. Open all windows and doors to let the fresh air in and to dry the areas. Call a professional for water removal and restoration. The affected areas will need the water to be removed and restored to ensure that mold does not grow in your household.

What Water Damage from Flooding Can Do to Your Home

After a flood, your walls, floor, ceiling, and furniture can become stained, and the water that has stayed behind in your home causes rotting. The rotting not only destroys your furniture, but also provides the perfect environment for mold growth.

When water is allowed to sit and left untreated, the effects of mold growth can begin to infect your home. Mold loves damp and moist areas, so an untreated section of moist furniture, structure, flooring, or walls can become the ideal place for mold to grow. When mold grows until it runs out of environment to grow in, and as it grows, it releases spores, which can infect your lungs with various respiratory sicknesses and symptoms. Keep you and your loved ones safe by treating the areas of your household affected by water immediately, before the mold begins to grow.

Final Thoughts

No matter where you live in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, know that your area has its own evacuation route and plan in the case of flooding. It is recommended that you and your family or loved ones know what the evacuation route is; develop a plan and talk about what your plan of action is in the event of flooding. Speak about it on a regular basis, and have various plans for various situations. Like any disaster plan, practice it, and have a designated place to meet up if you and your loved ones are separated in the event. Do not use the electricity in your house until a professional deems it safe, and remember that the priority is yourself and your loved ones. Your insurance company and the professionals here at Accutech can help fix things back to normal after the event. Our services can be done after you and your loved ones are safe.