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Saturday 15 June 2019

Got Carpet Water Damage? 5 Reasons Why You Should Call Accutech

Posted by at 9:00 AM

In the unfortunate event that you have a flood and need help with carpet water damage, you should call Accutechimmediately. Here are 5 reasons why Accutech should be your go-to choice for carpet water damage.

We Offer Fast Service for Carpet Water Damage

Speed is very important when it comes to carpet water damage. The sooner water is removed, the better. This will prevent the water from spreading to other areas of your home or office and will help to prevent dangerous mold growth. When you call Accutech, we will be on-site and removing water from your carpet within the hour—guaranteed.

We Use the Best Equipment for Carpet Water Damage

Accutech uses the most advanced drying methods available to prevent carpet water damage. We use advanced technology with diesel truck-mounted equipment and the Hydro-X Extreme Extractor™ which is 5–6 times faster than conventional methods. Moreover, Accutech is proud to be one of the very few companies in the area to use this advanced drying method.

We Won’t Rip Up Your Carpets for Carpet Water Damage

Because Accutech uses the most advanced drying methods, we don’t have to rip up your carpets to get them dry. Our advanced equipment compresses the carpet and the pad to remove all of the water—without having to rip up the carpet! This is easier on your carpet and more convenient for you.

We Offer Post-Flood Monitoring for Carpet Water Damage

Unlike other companies, Accutech will thoroughly monitor the progress of your cleanup. Once we completely dry your wet carpet, we use 3 different meters to measure moisture levels: one for carpets and floors; one for baseboards, cabinets, walls and ceilings; and one for humidity in the air. We want to make sure your home or office is completely dry to prevent damage and the growth of mold, mildew and fungi.

We Have the Finest Dedicated Staff

Accutech’s staff members are not only friendly and professional, but are also certified, vetted, insured and bonded, and dedicated to helping you when you need them most. You can trust in our expertise when you experience a flood event in your home or office.

Call Accutech to Deal with Carpet Water Damage

If you experience a flood event and need help with carpet water damage, call us immediately for fast, affordable service that will get your home or office back to normal in no time.