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Wednesday 29 May 2019

Got Mold? Think Accutech When You Think Of Mold Remediation Companies

Posted by at 9:00 AM

Mold grows when water, roof leaks or sink and toilet overflows are not properly dried in time. Slabs with high moisture content, low light and no air movement are ideal labs for black mold – the worst kind. If not cleaned properly, it can spread and consume your entire property, putting your health and your family’s safety at risk. And if you own a business, you’re opening yourself up to a potential lawsuit. Who needs that!?

Mold remediation is a big deal in Sarasota. In fact, it’s a big deal almost everywhere, but here in Florida, we have to remain acutely aware of its dangers. In an earlier post (and throughout our site), we’ve documented the many health problems mold can cause. They range from mild to very serious, particularly for the young and the elderly. That’s why you should implement a mold prevention plan as part of your normal household or business maintenance plan. Accutech stands head and shoulders, indeed, stem and cap above all Sarasota mold remediation companies. Here’s why.

Differences In Mold Remediation Companies In Sarasota

We are certified by the IICRC and keep up with EPA standards and guidelines in order to rid your property of mold. Unlike many mold remediation companies who do the bare minimum and replace your moldy drywall, floors, and ceilings, Accutech goes the extra mile and take precautions to not spread mold spores to other parts of your home or business. Older structures with lead based paint and/or lead based tiles require a professional to handle those materials in a special way to ensure lead is not spread throughout your home. As you’re probably aware, lead can lead to very serious health and behavioral problems. So…who needs fungus among us. Nobody. And who, of all Sarasota mold remediation companies takes into account mold growth and lead content in your home? Accutech does.

When mold is discovered in your home or business, don’t disturb it. Contact Accutech immediately. Within an hour, we will be on-site and contain the area to ensure no mold spores will be spread to other parts of you property. We pledge to safely remove the mold and mildew, sanitize the area and leave your property smelling fresh and clean again and in a safe state.

Mold Is Dangerous: Hire Only Professional Mold Remediation Companies Here In Sarasota

A lot of folks think that they can clean and manage mold themselves with bleach, hydrogen peroxide or even toxic boric acid (roach poison). Yeah – sometimes they can help with some minor mold problems, but the risks you take aren’t really worth it. Chances are you’ll only be spreading the mold to other parts of your home because mold is so easily airborne – it’s very light and loves to float through the air, carried on the breeze of ceiling fans. Bleach only works on smooth non-porous surfaces like counter tops, but it won’t kill mold that is ground into porous surfaces like grout, drywall, wood and under your floor. Boric acid and Hydrogen Peroxide 35% can also be used but is dangerous to handle and can damage surfaces. It’s also risky around children and pets – not really worth it.

In Sarasota, click past other mold remediation companies and give us a ring. We’re super-fast and will be at your home or office in an hour or less, we’re affordable, experienced and we know what to look for. And when we find mold, it’s sayonara to those pesky spores. Stay healthy and breathe easier – call the best, call Accutech.