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Sunday 9 June 2019

Help-My Toilet Overflowed and Flooded Onto My Carpet!

Posted by at 9:00 AM

Will I Ever Be Able to Repair the Wet Carpet?

No one likes to deal with an overflowing toilet. What is generally referred to as an “unsanitary flood,” this wet mess is differentiated by the color of the water which can either be gray, or  darker in color. Obviously annoying and inconvenient, overflowing toilets are also a harmful to one’s health, and must be dealt with right away. Especially if the water from the toilet overflows onto your flooring causing an extremely wet carpet. Many question if it is ever possible to repair a wet carpet after a toilet catastrophe. With the expertise of the technicians at Accutech Restoration and Remodeling, the answer is “Yes!” The staff at Accutech are the best-trained, and most high-skilled in the area, and realize that a proper response time is key when cleaning up after an unsanitary flood.

Don’t Let This Happen To Your Floor

A Rapid Reaction Time is Essential After Toilet Flooding

The cleanup of a wet carpet should start as soon as possible to diminish damage. Accutech has decades of experience in harmful water damage, and know that less time means less damage to your flooring and carpet. At Accutech, we can guarantee that we will be on-site, and will begin water removal within one hour of your call. While most companies rip up the wet carpet and use fans underneath to dry it, we feel that is unnecessary at Accutech. Instead, we use the technologically advanced Hydro-X Extreme Extractor. This machine will compress both the wet carpet and the pad while quickly drawing out any moisture that remains in the carpet. These new advanced methods are less time and money-two things that the customer will appreciate.

The Absorbency of a Wet Carpet Can Lead to a Harmful, Unhealthy Scenario

More absorbent than any other floor type, carpet has the greatest potential for damage from an overflowing toilet because of the ability of water and its pollutants to destroy your flooring. The majority of water infliction is caused to carpet because of its absorbency. Carpet is made up of fibers, which are very porous. Supported by poriferous padding, carpet is parched enough to saturate water that fibers cannot take in themselves. Carpet is known for sheltering dander, mold, bacteria, and allergens due to daily humidity, so all of this combined is a potentially unhealthy and calamitous situation. Adding a sizable flooding disaster and mounds of wet carpet  to the mixture will cause the odds of potential damage to astronomically rise.

The technicians at Accutech Restoration and Remodeling have both the expertise and modern technology to fight the water damage caused by an overflowing toilet to remove and repair your wet carpet. With IICRC training and machines like the Hydro-X Extreme Extractor, water damage from a flooded toilet doesn’t have a chance when you call the Accutech restoration crew.

If you have a toilet that has overflowed, resulting in a wet carpet contact Acctech immediately to ensure that the water damage is minimal.