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Wednesday 17 July 2019

How To Flood-Proof Your Home To Prevent Water Damage In Sarasota

Posted by at 9:00 AM

Your home is most likely your largest, most important asset. What makes it such an asset? Well, the monetary reasons are pretty obvious, but it’s also an asset because it provides shelter for our families. It’s our protection against the outside world, as well as against the elements. It provides our hearth. It’s the very center of our lives. Therefore, after a flood and Sarasota water damage, it’s not only important to build your home back, but to build it better. If you choose to stay in your home following a flood, we can’t stress enough the value and importance of properly, thoroughly flood-proofing your home to prevent future water damage in Sarasota, or mitigate it as much as possible.

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The Benefits Of Flood-Proofing Your Home After A Sarasota Flood And Water Damage

Flood-proofing means to remodel or rebuild using materials and methods that will prevent or minimize damage from future floods. Here are a few of the many benefits of flood-proofing your home to consider:

  • By protecting your home from future damage, you will save time and money in the event of another flood. Remember, floods can occur from busted piping, toilet backflows and other ordinary household catastrophes. Weather is only one source of water damage in Sarasota.
  • Preventive measures are often inexpensive.
  • Increase your property’s resale value.
  • Flood-proofing can be incorporated into your current post-flood repairs.
  • You may be able to get financial assistance with flood-proofing.
  • Reduce your anxiety in case of another flood.

Five Kinds Of Flood-Proofing To Minimize Water Damage In Sarasota

  1. Elevation – Most buildings can be raised so that the lowest floor is above the possible flood level. If you had foundation damage from the flood, you may need to raise the house to repair it. It will be easier and cheaper to elevate the house at that time. There should be many contractors qualified to undertake elevating your house above flood level. Elevation or relocation are the only reasonable ways to protect your home if it is subject to coastal flooding or to deep flooding (more than six feet deep.)
  2. Relocation – Perhaps you should consider moving the building out of the flood zone. Most smaller commercial buildings in good condition can be moved, and it is usually no problem to find contractors experienced in moving buildings. You will have to purchase a new lot unless your present lot is large and has a good spot on higher ground for your house.
  3. Flood walls – You should consult with a contractor who understands Sarasota, our flooding tendencies, your precise location and other property evaluations for constructing flood walls, levees or berms around your home to protect it against water damage in Sarasota, Bradenton and Bradenton Beach.
  4. Dry flood-proofing – This is just a way of saying that you should seal your home to keep it dry. How? All areas below the flood protection level are made watertight. Walls are coated with plastic or rubberized sheeting or special waterproofing compounds. Openings such as doors, windows, sewer lines, and vents are closed permanently, or can be temporarily sealed with removable shields or sandbags. Dry flood-proofing can only be done if the walls of your home are strong enough to hold back the floodwaters without collapsing. For this reason, dry flood-proofing is not recommended if floodwaters are expected to be more than two or three feet above the ground level. Dry flood-proofing is generally not appropriate for houses with basements or crawl spaces. Again, speak to your contractor about dry flood-proofing your home to protect it from flooding and Sarasota water damage.

For other tips like wet flood-proofing, speak to your contractor. For all Sarasota water damage removal due to any kind of flood, call Accutech right away for rapid Sarasota water removal response!