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Thursday 14 March 2019

How To Properly Care For Wet Hardwood Floors

Posted by at 9:00 AM

If you own a home that elegantly features beautifully finished hardwood floors and you aren’t sure how to care for them if they have gotten wet, we put together the following steps which should serve to aid you in keeping them in tip-top condition.

Hardwood floors can get wet in a variety of ways, including spills, roof and pipe leaks, flooding and overflows. Though each case can be a little different, the following primer will help you keep them from swelling, buckling, staining and molding. Even minimal amounts of moisture can eventually degrade wooden floors and be a breeding ground for spores, so keeping them dry is of the utmost importance for protecting your investment and your health.

Tips For Drying Out Wet Hardwood Floors In Your Home

  • The first thing you should know is that wet wood floors should be dried gradually, as drying them quickly can cause cracks or splitting along the grains.  You should also to dry your wood floors evenly to ensure they will not buckle.
  • For wet hardwood floors, first use a dry mop to absorb all the excess water and moisture. Make sure you wring out the mop completely before reapplying it to the surface.
  • As with other water and moisture events, you should open as many windows and doors as possible to increase air flow and to aid with evaporation. Using a fan to gently blow dry the wet hardwood floor also helps.
  • Next, augment the above steps by applying dry towels to the affected area and use your feet to absorb any remaining moisture. Then, using your arms, dry the wet hardwood floor in a circular motion. After completing this step, remove the wet towels and replace and repeat with a new round of dry towels.
  • If your wet hardwood floors are saturated, you can also purchase or rent a dehumidifier to add some strength to the drying process. You can also use box fans, but we encourage you to use circular ceiling fans for even drying.  Wet hardwood floors can also appear to be dry even as they’re still holding moisture. Allow as much time as you possibly can to thoroughly dry out the affected area. Leave your windows and doors open as long as possible.

Severe Flooding Leaving Your Hardwood Floors Wet?

There are some cases where these steps will not help much to get your wet hardwood floors dry. In the event of severe flooding we recommend you call Accutech for the most professional restoration services around.

At Accutech, we utilize the latest, most advanced equipment to ensure your home remains moisture-free. Besides damaging the structure of your home, moisture can breed spores, and mold is quite dangerous and is documented to cause a variety of health problems in humans and pets. To be totally sure that your home is 100% moisture-free, call Accutech. We will be on the scene in one hour or less and freeing your home of all contaminants.