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Friday 30 August 2019

How To Remove Water Damage In Bradenton

Posted by at 9:00 AM

Removing water damage in Bradenton is basically the same as removing water damage anywhere else in Florida. Because of the humid climate and our being hurricane-prone, more often than not, it takes skilled technicians and powerful equipment to get the job done properly.

Locating The Cause Of The Water Damage

You may not think that locating the cause of the water damage is all that important. You think: if the water damage was caused by a hurricane, the cause is more than obvious, and you ought to move on to addressing the damage itself. Nevertheless, there could be specific damages caused by that hurricane (holes in the roof, etc) that make water damage in a particular area of your home, difficult to deal with.

Sure, you can clean up the damage that’s already done, but if there’s a leak in your roof, for instance, the damage will soon return. So, locating the flaws in the structure of your home, is absolutely key.

If, out of nowhere one day, you notice a damp wall, or a portion of your floor with a puddle, finding the source of the water might be a little challenging. In this circumstance, it’s a good chance that you have a leaking pipe. Water cleanup technicians generally have to know how piping systems are laid out in a home, so upon their arrival, they’ll do an in-depth inspection to locate the leak.

Identifying The Type of Water Damage

The removal of water damage in Bradenton, really all depends on the type of water causing the damage. Water damage experts usually recognize 3 different types of water damage – white, gray, and black. White water is water that is usually clean, but it’s nevertheless wreaking havoc on the structural integrity of the home. Usually, no protective gear is necessary, and a heavy-duty water extractor machine is often used to soak up the water.

Gray water damage is water that has been slightly contaminated – for instance, a washing machine overflow, mid-cycle. Protective gear is often worn to clean up this particular type of damage, and its clean-up is a bit more time-sensitive, as the water usually contains more bacteria.

The most harmful type of water damage is black water damage. Black water is the most contaminated, and can contain bacterial diseases, chemicals, pesticides, and other ugly microbes. This type of damage is usually brought on by a hurricane, or by a sewage mishap. 

Under no circumstances should you attempt to clean up black water. Trained professionals with the appropriate equipment are the best to handle the job. It’s important to note that cleaning up black water isn’t a couple-hour job – usually it’s a slow, difficult process. High quality technicians will often use 3 different moisture meters to ensure that all the contaminated water has been evacuated.

Usually, You Shouldn’t Take The Risk Of Cleaning It Up Yourself

Whether your home is suffering from a puddle on the floor, or a complete drench from a terrible storm, it’s vital that you call your local water removal professionals. 

You may think “the damage is small enough – I’ll just clean it up on my own, and everything will go back to normal.” Sure, that might very well happen, but with the structural integrity of your home at stake, why would you take that risk? For all you know, a pipe could have been leaking for days, and you will have let it continue to do so. Sometimes it’s better to face the fact that the problem is larger than your know-how can address.