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Sunday 17 March 2019

Important Steps To Prevent Sarasota Water Damage From Getting Worse

Posted by at 9:00 AM

If you’ve noticed that your roof is leaking and creating water damage in your home, you need to address it as soon as possible.  It may be small now, but you shouldn’t put off finding the source of leak.  Not only can it cause thousands of dollars in damage, it can be a threat to your health.  And with all the news coverage of Hurricane Irene, it’s a good time to discuss leaks in your roof.  It looks like it could be a long hurricane season, and should we be unfortunate enough to get hit again, we should all know what to look for.  But first things first…

You should try to blot dry any damage you presently have and increase circulation in the room with fans.  This is very important anywhere, but here in Central Florida where the humidity has been very high this summer, it’s extremely important as it will help prevent spores from forming.  Also, if you’re able to get on the roof or in the attic to cover the respective holes, you should do so.  Of course, don’t put yourself at risk.  It’s not worth the potential injury.  Accutech specializes in just these types of emergency situations and we can be at your home in an hour fixing the problem.

Water damage in your home needs to be addressed right away to prevent mold growth!

Should you already see a water stain, don’t panic.  If you’ve just noticed it and think it’s new, then mold probably hasn’t had time to grow as of yet.  Plus, your homeowner’s insurance most likely covers rain coming through a hole in your roof.  Contact your insurance agent as soon you as you discover the breach.  As with the leak itself, you don’t want to put off letting your agent know what’s going on.  You absolutely do not want to give the impression that there’s been any sort of neglect whatsoever.

Take the steps to remedy the situation

If you ignore the water damage you already have in your home, it’s only going to get worse if it goes untreated.   Accutech can help you get into tight spots and remove all the water from your home so you don’t have to put yourself in danger, maneuvering in tight place and braving the pitch of your roof.

If The Water Damage In Your Home Has Been Gradual…

If for any reason the water damage in your Bradenton or Longboat Key home has gone undetected, there is the possibility that mold has begun to form.  Unfortunately, trying to clean it up at that point may only disperse the spores, putting you at greater risk.  In this case, we can help you professionally clean out the mold from your house.  If you have any questions or suspicions that you might have water damage, call Accutech immediately.