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Sunday 7 July 2019

Keeping Water Damage In Sarasota At Bay

Posted by at 9:00 AM

More Tips For Preparing For Our Rainy Season

If you are a regular reader of our blog, then you know we’ve been discussing the fact that the rainy season is upon us here in Sarasota. The reason we keep going back to this subject is to help you prevent Sarasota water damage from happening to your home or business. Repairs can be expensive (if you don’t choose the right Sarasota water damage control company), stressful, time-consuming and, worst of all, potentially dangerous.

  • Keeping your home dry is essential to your health, your happiness and your financial well-being.

With that last point in mind, we thought we’d revisit a few facts about mold growth. Mold is a particularly bad problem in states like Florida where humidity stays high year-round. You pretty much have to stay vigilant about spotting it to protect yourself and your family from its health-threatening hazards. You can be exposed to it by inhaling the spores, coming into direct contact with them and failing to thoroughly wash your hands (important for the kids!). So, to recap:

  • EPA studies show that the air levels of indoor pollutants may be two to three times higher than outdoor levels. Mold, the most dangerous offender of all, often goes undetected because of its invisibility. Most people spend as much as 90% of their time indoors and are not aware of the health hazards created by this pollutant. You owe it to yourself and your family to minimize your exposure to mold spores in the indoor environment.

Since we recently posted a list of 5 important things you can do to prevent water damage in Sarasota, we thought we might give you a few extra tips, some points other water damage companies don’t often tell you.

Many of us in Sarasota take our vacations in the summer, right in the middle of the rainy season. A lot of us like to get away to the mountains or go out west or even take a trip across the pond. If you’re one of these people, you need to protect your home while you’re away on your vacation.

How To Prevent Water Damage While You’re On Vacation

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the second most common homeowners’ insurance claim is water damage. Appliances that leak slowly, busted pipes and water heater tanks and damage caused by storms (rainy season!) inflict millions of dollars worth of damage every year. If one of these things happens to you while you’re on vacation, it can ruin your carpets, your furniture and even threaten the structural integrity of your walls or foundation. Before leaving your home for more than a few days, prep your house so you won’t come home to a big, expensive mess. Check out the list at our last post of those 5 critical things you can do to prevent Sarasota water damage, then do the following. You’ll be glad you did in case of a severe storm:

  • Inspect the hoses that connect to major appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerator ice-makers. Make sure there are no kinks; replace any old or damaged hoses.
  • Check out your sump pump, making sure that it is in good condition and clear of debris by filling the sump pit and running it. Listen for unusual sounds and watch that the water is going outside. Install a battery-powered backup source in case there is a power outage while you are gone.
  • Turn off the water at the main if there is no one to check your house. Drain the pipes flush the toilets after you shut off the water. Leave the cupboards under sinks open while you are gone to allow warm air to circulate around the pipes.

For any questions about other things you can do to prevent water damage in Sarasota, call us. It’s what we do.