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Wednesday 10 April 2019

Minimize Damage When Your House Is Flooding

Posted by at 9:00 AM

Flooding is a very costly threat and can destroy your property in no time. A lot of the time, flooding comes out of no where, catching you by surprise and you have to react quickly if you’re going to save your property. We wanted to give you the top 5 things you can to do to minimize flooding damage in the hopes that you’ll be prepared if your house is threatened. If you have already been the victim of a flood, please read our information on What To Do After A Flood and How To Choose A Water Damage Restoration Company In Sarasota.

Top 5 Ways to Minimize Flooding Damage

Minimize Flooding Damage: Raise Valuables to Higher Locations

This one might seem obvious, but the quickest way to minimize damage from flooding is to move your valuable items to higher elevations. If your house has an upstairs, stock it with all of your valuable goods and keepsakes (family photographs and records). If you live in a one-story home, utilize your elevated cupboard space and put your valuables in there.

Minimize Flooding Damage: Use a Sump Pump

Investing in (or renting) a sump pump is also a very good way to minimize damage from flooding. If water is building up in your home or in any room, set the sump pump to push the water outside, to the nearest drainage point. Although you ideally don’t want any water in your house, using a sump pump is one of the best ways to make sure the water doesn’t get too high during flooding.

Minimize Flooding Damage: Raise Electrical Components

Flooding can ruin your electrical equipment very quickly. It only takes a little water to short out and destroy a television, computer, stereo or other electronic device and you really want to get this stuff up off the ground and to higher elevations in your house. Electricity and water can also be very dangerous during flooding, so as a safety precaution, get this stuff up as high as possible.

Minimize Flooding Damage: Flood Proof HVAC systems

Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are also very valuable and expensive to replace should they be the victim of flooding in your utility room or basement. You mostly need to be concerned with the base units and the electrical components of your HVAC equipment. You can either move the units entirely out of the area in threat of flooding, or disassemble and move the vulnerable parts of each system. Consult a water restoration specialist if you have questions give us a call or shoot us an email.

Minimize Flooding Damage: Waterproof walls

While you can move your possessions around, your walls are pretty much at the mercy of the flooding, and water damage to walls can be very costly. One thing you can do proactively to minimize future flood damage, is put a waterproof coating over all your walls. Some exterior paints have water proofing, and you can buy special water proof coatings that are safe for both interior and exterior use.

After a flood one of the most difficult tasks can be dealing with your insurance company. Read more about filing a flood insurance claim here.

If you have questions about flooding or have received flooding damage and need assistance, contact Accutech Restoration 24/7! We have specialists in your area.