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Saturday 17 August 2019

Mold Removal In Longboat Key

Posted by at 9:00 AM

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, mold won’t cause health problems indoors, except when mold spores land on a wet spot and begin growing. That’s where the water removal experts come in. Water removal professionals often see terrible flooding conditions in homes, which are optimal situation for mold to grow, and become a serious health hazard to residents.

Mold removal in Longboat Key is a pretty common issue, because Longboat Key is a humid climate, and where ever there’s a great deal of moisture, mold tends to grow. With that said, we’d like to tell you some methods often employed to remove mold caused by flooding and other similar water damage.

Clean Up The Water Damage

The best way to start mold removal is to first address the moisture issue. Many companies use heavy-duty vacuums that don’t use heat. You’d think that heat would be a sure-fire way to quickly get rid of a moisture problem, but heat can actually be detrimental to the structural integrity of many surfaces – especially wood.

Section Off The Moldy Area

After the contaminated area is completely dry, it’s vital it be isolated – all entryways and windows ought to be closed between that area and the rest of the house / building. Depending on the severity of the contamination, entryways might be sealed with polyethylene sheeting.

Clean Up The Mold

The method employed to actually clean the mold really all depends on the contamination level. Often times, a wire brush is used to scrub the area, and then it’s wiped clean with disposable wipes. After that, a damp cloth together with a detergent solution is used until all mold has been wiped away.

If the mold problem is more severe, a HEPA vacuum is used and then a mop with a detergent solution is used after that.

Giving It Time To Dry

Cleaned surfaces ought to be thoroughly dried to allow leftover moisture to evaporate. Fans and dehumidifiers are often used.

Visibility Check

When your mold removal professional finishes the cleaning process, don’t be afraid to do a close check, ensuring that you can’t see any mold left on the surface. After about a week, check on the area again to see if any new mold has taken shape.

Was The Clean-up Successful?

Contacting A Professional

No matter if your mold issue is perpetual, or a freak one-time happening, contacting your local mold removal experts is the easiest and safest way to handle the problem. It’s vital that you not pretend that the issue will resolve itself – be realistic about the health hazards of mold in your home, and contact a professional at the first sign of an outbreak.