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Friday 22 March 2019

My Stove Caused Fire Damage In My Kitchen! How Do I Fix This?

Posted by at 9:00 AM

Do you have fire damage in your kitchen caused by a stove or other appliance?

A fire in your home is potentially one of the most devastating events you will ever have to endure in your life.  With fire, there’s the perception that it is final.  That we can never recover from the event, that we’ll have to move to get away from the smell of smoke.  We are here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be this way.  Accutech can aid you with cleaning up your kitchen, relieving you from that sickening smoke smell and get your life back to normal…in a surprisingly welcome short period of time.

Fire In Your Kitchen?  Northport Relies On Accutech For Thorough Cleanup And Restoration

It happens.  Unfortunately.  But what you need to know is that it doesn’t have to mean that you must move.  There are a few things to know, however.  Though the fire might have been confined to your kitchen, you’ve probably noticed that smoke and soot found pathways through to the rest of your house, spreading the foul smells that accompany fires.  It’s true.  They can be difficult to get rid of.   Accutech can help with that!

We at Accutech are IICRC-certified fire and smoke techs.  What that means to you is security.  An IICRC-certified tech is educated and kept up to date with all recent advancements in fire cleanup, as well as being instructed on professionalism and ethics.  You can be certain in the knowledge that anyone who shows up at your home to clean up and restore your home after a fire in the kitchen will do with the greatest care, the most attention to detail and the foremost expertise in the field.  Anything less is unacceptable.  Accutech guarantees our work in writing.  That means we stand by every technician we hire as being reflective of our policies, procedures and our stringent ethical standards.

Once we get to the premises (within an hour of your call!) we will determine whether we can clean it on site or whether we will need to inventory your belongings, box them, pack and move them to be cleaned at our state of the art facilities.  If we can guarantee that you’ll be getting the finest results possible, we will clean them at your home.  It all depends on the extent of fire damage in your kitchen.

Preventing Fire Damage In Your Beautiful Northport Kitchen

Kitchens are often the heart of our home, where we gather and exchange stories.  In order to protect them, there are a few safeguards and guidelines which we can follow so that fires never happen.

  • Always keep an approved fire extinguisher on hand and in a readily accessible place
  • Keep your appliances well-maintained and inspected
  • Unplug electric appliances when they aren’t being used
  • Don’t overfill pots and pans with oil or grease
  • Roll up your sleeves when you cook

Accutech:  Helping Prevent Fire Damage In Your Kitchen

It’s true:  an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Accutech urges everyone to take care in their home and follow safety guidelines to avoid fire damage in your kitchen.  However, if a mishap should occur, Accutech is your number 1 total professional solution for cleanup and remodeling in Northport, Longboat Key, Sarasota and Bradenton. If you have experienced fire damage and would like Accutech’s assistance in repairing your home or kitchen, contact us today!